When in Manila’s #MeetTheTeam: Millie Manahan

When in Manila recently reached two million likes on Facebook! This was a humbling milestone for the When in Manila Team. As we met together to brainstorm on how to improve, we thought it would be best to reach out to our readers on a more personal level. After all, When in Manila is a essentially a community. We’re not merely content producers who dish out new articles daily–we want to establish a sense of community and constant exchange of ideas with our readers. To make this possible, we’re happy to launch a new series: When in Manila’s #MeetTheTeam! 

When in Manila Meet the Team Millie Manahan


Millie describes her job as a Features Editor:

I feature newsworthy stories, as well as, share exciting and funny ideas. I mostly write about throwback articles and family-friendly places in the Philippines.

How did you find out about WIM?

I found out about WIM through my cousin residing in Australia. She was looking for a beach to try here in the Philippines and asked for my opinion in one of the articles about Palawan published in WIM.

What’s the best part of working for WIM?

Everything! I get to mingle with different cool personalities. Most importantly, I get to build healthy and long-term business relationships with my clients.

What was your most memorable experience working for WIM?

When I was able to represent WIM in Davao. The majority of the people I met there follow and like WhenInManila.com. Also, during my first few months writing for WIM, people knew me as the writer behind the “call center misconceptions.” HAHAHA

6 Misconceptions about Working at a Call Center


What were the challenges along the way?

My challenges come in different forms. But, mostly, it’s the fear of not been able to reach out effectively. Some readers take my stories out of context. Hence, the bashing starts.

Describe what the normal day working with WIM is like.

Hmmm, interesting question. I love Thursdays and weekends, because from my experience people crave for the taste of before or during the 90s to early 2000s. On a given day, during the early hours you will find me reading and looking for stories. You will also find me responding to emails, chatting with clients – asking if they need further help. Every Tuesday is my “fieldwork” day, wherein I work outside the house, meet potential clients and explain the benefits of WIM. Rest of the week goes in writing stories and personal features.

Millie Manahan When in Manila Meet the Team 2

What are the things that you enjoy writing about/featuring the most?

I love writing about my personal experiences in life in terms of motherhood, parenting, just to name a few. I also love to write things that will make us feel nostalgic: so, things we do in the past, music we listen to during the 90s, places we’ve been to before. Basically, anything that would make us appreciate everything we have right now. When it comes to features, I reach out to brands that are relatively aligned with my life: family-friendly places, Filipino-owned small businesses, even big brands that I personally patronize.

Fill in the blanks: I wish WIM readers would know that:

…we give our best to make them smile through our stories.

Future dreams for WIM:

A lot. Perhaps, to become a conduit to every Filipino people on where to go, what to try, where to place their advertising materials, when in Manila.

Future dreams for yourself as a blogger/admin for WIM:

My dream is to be able to help people unleash their ultimate potential. So, my future dream as admin for WIM is to create workshops or events for those people who are dreaming of becoming a writer/blogger/photographer and eventually become a contributor for When In Manila.

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Millie Manahan

Website: keepingitrealmum.com


Twitter: @WahMillie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhenInManilaMillie/

Stay tuned to meet the rest of the team! If you have any questions and suggestions for Millie or for any of the team, feel free to comment below! Would you like to be part of the team, too? Click this link to know how.