When Fans Go Overboard for Their Idols


First of all, celebrities are humans, too, and that we understand. Some can be really nice, but some can have a bit of attitude. Most of the time, it depends on the situation – whether they’re tired or uncomfortable. But people who work with them can’t comment on that because fans can go crazy when something is said about their favorite celebrities.

If you follow celebrities on social media, you’ll see what fans are like. You’ll see how they fight each other on celebrities’ social media accounts just to prove a point.

Somehow I understand because fans wants to protect their idols, but did it ever occur to them that it’s a whole fandom versus a person?

My friend who worked in a TV station had a long-time crush on a teenage star; so when she was working with him for a project, he posted some of their photos on social media with funny captions. And maybe you know how that turned out. Fans started commenting who she was, why she was with him, that she should erase her photo because people will assume they have a relationship, famewhore, third party and even a slut. That escalated quickly. From there, fans took photos of her and shared them on groups with captions saying rude things about her, telling everyone she’s ugly and even dragging her family into the issue.

That is just one example. If fans read this, I think they’ll find that story familiar because it happened very recently with the biggest celebrity fan group. What’s sad about this is that the person they ganged up on didn’t really mean to offend anyone and things were just blown way out of proportion.

Recently, a girl was brought to the limelight when fans found her photo with a famous celebrity. She was a part of a third-party team for a shoot and when she posted the photo on her Facebook page, her caption was sarcastic and she talked about her experience with the celebrity in the comments section. Her Facebook was on private, so she thought her friends were the only ones who would see the post. A screencap was sent to another and she soon became viral. Fans defended the celebrity saying that she was tired or that her personality was different and people should understand that – that celebrities are human, too. Fans started to message her, shared her photo, called her a famewhore, ugly and even posted photos of her with her family.

She lost her job because of it and is restricted to say anything about the issue. The sad thing is: no one ever asked her about her experience or even validated what happened. Media outlets wrote about the issue, but no one reached out to her to hear her side of the story.

I can go on and on about these kinds of stories. I have personal experiences that weren’t really good with celebrities and I feel like I am not allowed to say anything about them because fans will gang up on me. That’s the wrong thing to feel because no one should have power over anyone like that. No one should stop you to tell your story: the truth.

Fans should show more compassion, not just towards their idols, but also to other people with different opinions. Celebrities should be an example to the fans, to lead them to do good. I am saying this because I’ve seen fans like this – fans who put issues to rest instead of making them bigger than they really are, fans that helps their idols do good.

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