What’s YOUR Chill style? Sanuk’s FW 2015 Collection has Something for Every Kind of Chill!



When in Manila and treading the city’s busy streets, who doesn’t love their trusty Sanuks to get them around? These ever-reliable sandals (not shoes) have been a favorite among both the practical and stylish set for years, designed to provide the utmost comfort for hours spent pounding pavement, taking you everywhere from the beach, to the street, to your next fun adventure.



For their FW 2015 collection, Sanuk continues to innovate and evolve with a fresh take on their classic sidewalk surfers. We were invited to preview their latest collection, and what we witnessed was an awesome style for every type for chill.


1.) Classic Chill



Hot Dotty Sidewalk Surfers


Cross stitch Sidewalk Surfers

The epitome of comfort; your style is unapologetically laid-back and easy. If you live in your classic Sanuk side walk surfers and wouldn’t trade them for anything else, you’ll love the subtle upgrade Sanuk gave their best-seller. The devil is in the details with this one; get a load of that side stitching and leather detail! This season’s collection of sidewalk surfers come in an assortment of vibrant prints and color schemes as well.


2.) Trendy Chill



The Isabel in prints


The Bianca in gray and blue from the Alphie collection

You’re all for setting trends, and aren’t afraid to play up your outfit with unconventional designs. Style cats will find the perfect marriage of comfort and style in Sanuk’s Alphie collection. The Alphie sandals offer a more streamlined design that differs from their classic sidewalk surfer counterparts, while still offering maximum comfort. My feet absolutely loveee the Alphie’s patented yoga mat insole; it’s so comfy, it feels like I’m walking barefoot on a squishy mat every time!


3.) Sophisticated Chill



The Parras in brown and gray from the Cavalier collection

Your style is a smidge more refined than most of us, and you definitely benefit more from versatile pieces that will take you from casual to fancy with ease. Sanuk’s Cavalier Collection is all this and more. With its leather accents and overall design drawn from European street style influences, your Cavaliers will rise to the occasion, dressed up or down. What’s even better about this classy sandal-shoe hybrid is that they are every bit as comfortable as the sidewalk surfers!



Chillin’ in style with my Alphie’s!

So whether your style is a classic, trendy, or sophisticated kind of chill, Sanuk has got you covered with an array of sandals that are all about good vibes, fun times and comfy soles!




Special thanks to Ms. Macel Abejero and Ms. Aileen Frugal for having us, and for the Hole in the Wall treats after!