What’s the worst date you’ve been on? We asked 12 people and this is what they said

Dating. The very word makes me shudder. The sheer difficulty of it almost makes you want to not do it. Sometimes it’s too much trouble to go out and see if you’re compatible with someone because more often than not they turn out awkward, weird, or just bad.

Well, we asked people what the worst date they’ve been on was and here are their answers.

12. Nag-“I love you” pa siya!

He and I went to our very 1st “proper” date ever. Even said I love yous, and we’ll see each other again yada yada. He even took my pic because I was “cute” daw. But we never were an “item” more like m.u. Anyhow he was this newbie actor in one of those “searching” contests. What happened was after that he cold-shouldered me, wouldn’t answer my calls and texts anymore. Changed his number, after that napabalita na he was with his co-contestant!!! He won the actor search, and is now married, and is still acting, but man that “date” was pretty messed up for me. Because it seemed like it was perfect yun pala hindi!


When he came to fetch me with his car, went into a fancy restaurant and I thought we were getting to know each other better then. Everything was falling into place smoothly, then we decided to hit the club. While we were walking on the dancefloor, there was my bestfriend… She came to give me a cheek-to-cheek and a hug. I introduced my bestfriend with my date and they both timidly smiled with each other. Until my bff whispered in my ears, “How did you and my ex boyfriend meet?” Oh-oh! I swear to God, I never knew they dated, so when he gave me a call the next day, I never answered! Don’t wanna ruin the GIRLCODE!


10. These are just… bad

it’s a tie between:
1) guy i was out with on a first date told me I was pretty, but probably prettier if I lost a little weight. I replied by saying he looked cute, but probably cuter if he didn’t have an overbite. This led to him being offended and throwing a hissy fit in public. I requested for the bill asap and packed up and left as soon as we paid. siya pa na na-offend dba??

2) a different guy i was out with on a first date brought me to Heritage Cemetery in Taguig and introduced me to his late tita’s tomb??? I didn’t know what to say so i told the puntod, “hello po” tapos the guy started crying?? and couldn’t be consoled?? awkward.

9. This was Oedipal

my worst and only date: didn’t want it to be a date so i made sure he didn’t pay but when i went i got back from the atm machine, he paid. So I handed him a 500 peso bill… i ordered a lemonade and shared some spinach dip…. i basically lost money on the “date”…. bye. I also wanna note that when he asked if we could do it again, I said “can i be honest, the first thing i thought of when you asked me was your mom”… bye….

8.  An exciting saga

basically for my first date this boy asked me to hang with him sa starbucks shangrila on chinese new year (he has a bad rep so i didnt want but my mom insisted bc she found him guwapo) ngek

So when i came he was kinda awkward so i kept on starting small talk until i asked him, “so what are you eating? Parang i want *mentions order*” and THEN he says “oh im not gonna eat anything im on a diet eh” …SO WHY DID U ASK ME OUT ON A DATE LOL

AND THEN LIKE SIYEMPRE U ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE ((feeler naman thinking about it but like ??)) i expected him to offer to pay (cos i was a hopeless romantic) and literally he doesnt say anything and it was almost our turn to order na in line so i was like “dont worry about it i could pay for myself!” And he goes “yEs pLEaSe i spent all of my money in my haircut kasi eh :((“ and he goes on saying how he’s broke and shows me his wallet and its like ??? Full of foreign cash like there were dollars and yens ??? LIKE WTF I DIDNT EXPECT THAT REPLY BAHAHAHAHA

So basically that whole time he was just staring at me while i ate CREEPY and he kept making kuwento about himself LOL and how he parties and he even showed me how to gag to avoid vomiting like ??? OKAY

ALL OF THIS HAPPENED WHILE my math teacher and her fam ate sa table beside me ??????? SO I WAS TOO EMBARRASSED


7. Money, money, money

went to elyu with my ex and decided to extend our trip from 3 days and 2 nights to 1 week. we were having money problems cuz i didn’t have any cash anymore, my money was on my card. the nearest atm was like a 200-250 trike ride away. he got pissed at me and faught me and made a scene in public, said sorry afterwards and blamed it on the fact that he hasn’t eaten (same situation lang kami, DUH). i went to 7-eleven to buy him food with the rest of my cash. he didn’t even realize that he was the only one that ate. i went to sleep with an empty stomach and an upset heart.

oh, p.s.: all the money spent on that trip was mine.

6. Bad vibes all around

I treated my ex and our friends to a surprise buffet dinner for his birthday. I got balloons, little gifts, and afterwards I was gonna take him to a movie. On our way into the theater I saw a guy friend (that I wasn’t particularly close to at the time) so I quickly went over to say hi. After that my ex got insanely jealous and said I ruined his whole birthday because I talked to another guy and he was BV and ignoring me the rest of the night.

The funny part is 2 years later I ended up getting together with that guy I ran into so LOOOOL

5. All about me!

The girl would not stop talking about herself and whenever I’d share something, she would go back to talking about her. Like ok, I get it, you only wanna talk about you, your achievements, and places you’ve been to haha.


4. Wild

top of mind: took my ex to see wonder woman and he got mad that it was in 4d i paid for the whole date (+his grab home) and 4d was the only available in that mall but whatever fuck me right? HAHAHA

3. Besh??

he was an hour late, wore pambahay, made us eat at this resto he had a timed eatigo discount pero 30 mins early kami so he just said “penge muna tubig” and “may libre bread kayo diba? penge nga”, he took his slippers off and sat indian-seat on the couch seat (magkatabi kami). i ordered a coffee and when i asked if i should pay him nalang, he said “paki split yung bill, kanya yung kape”.

2. Not been to but observed

I was at Brown’s having dinner with my boyfriend. Also in the restaurant were a group of AHS students and a couple who met online on their first date. The girl appears excited and asks about what the guy does. Guy takes this opportunity to spend the entire date talking about himself, his achievements, and how smart he is. After each monologue, he’d ask the girl something about herself, and when she’d share it, he’d turn the conversation back to him (“Oh, you teach? I’ve taught several classes in different subjects blah blah blah I know Father Dacanay blah blah blah I’m compensating for how boring I actually am blah blah blah). At one point, the AHS students left, and somehow he starts bashing on how AHS students are spoiled and immature, and how that group should have been studying instead of wasting their parents’ money (like, they weren’t even loud?? Bros were just minding their own business). Girl seems to look less excited as the date goes on, and just nods along. Guy NEVER notices and doesn’t stop shutting up about himself. Didn’t get to see the date to the end cuz I had to leave, but I swear, felt so bad for the girl, the guy seemed interested in no one but himself. ?

1. Yo…

We were out with friends and then my ex reveals that she cheated. Fuck me right?

Do you have a bad date story? Let us know!