What’s the opposite of resting b**** face and what happens when you have it?

We’ve all heard the RBF-havers bemoan how people side-step them on the daily and avoid interaction with them altogether even if they aren’t as cranky as their resting face looks. We’ve also heard of how they always look angrier than they actually are. But how about the opposite side of the spectrum?

Introducing: Resting Nice Face. Or Resting Friendly Face. Either way, that middle adjective talks about how approachable, nice, and friendly you look when your expression is at rest.


There isn’t anything inherently wrong with RNF/RFF. You seem cheery, upbeat, and peaceful with the world. Which isn’t a problem if you actually are. But if you aren’t? That’s a different story. Or when you just generally hate interacting with others? Or if you don’t feel up to chitchat? Or you just went through the worst break-up of your life and you realized you were going through some deep-rooted emotional abuse, gaslighting, and you’re all broken up about it?

Yeah, you definitely don’t want to be disturbed.

But this is often what happens to people who fall victim to their RNF.

Myself included. My resting state is RNF. And this is what usually happens to me.

12. People ask me for directions more than usual


My sense of direction is average but I’m definitely not knowledgeable about the entirety of Metro Manila. And yet people seem to think I am, more than others. It’s the face. I don’t actually know where you’re going, I’m sorry.

11. People who give out pamphlets come up to me


Maybe I just look like I need a new condo. Who knows? But they always avoid all my other family members/friends I’m with/other strangers I walk in-step with.

I’m always the one they shove a piece of paper at.

10. Free soap samples? Yup, all to me


Complete with washing my hands and pointing out how much dirt is on them. Thanks.

9. Waiters hand me the bill among my friends


Do I look like the one who’s about to treat everyone at the table? Probably not. But I’m the one who looks like I won’t snap at them for interrupting the conversation.

So, yes.

8. Someone doing a demo in the department store? Yes, they’re looking at me

UnfortunateAjarCurlew size restricted

I don’t need a new steam-iron-dishwasher-3-in-1-mop-and-shoe-cleaner but I guess the guy working here thinks I do because he has clearly locked eyes with me with no intention of letting me be free. I hope my debit card can handle this.

7. People in line will make small talk with me


Isn’t the line unbearable enough? Do I have to listen to you talk about how bad the weather is?

6. “Do you have some time to talk about…”


It doesn’t matter what they wanna talk about. It’s me who’ll be hearing about it for 20 minutes.

5. The person cutting your hair really will never know you actually hate your haircut, not a single hint


Having to force a “I love it” through strained teeth gets harder every single time.

4. The person beside you on the plane will tell you every detail of their life story


I regret opening my mouth to say “hello” to strangers beside me. They start talking about themselves and don’t stop until the plane lands. Sometimes even after. Does my face just say I’m interested? I’m not.

3. People don’t take you seriously if you’re mad (or have an opinion that conflicts with theirs)


Because they’re so used to you having such a pleasant resting face, you getting angry seems like a joke. It’s a struggle. When I’m actually pissed off no one takes me seriously. Ugh.

2. Catcalling takes a new, more frustrating turn

HandmadeNecessaryDaddylonglegs max 1mb

As if it wasn’t bad enough already. I hate when men catcall me. And because my face rests in a way that suggests a smile or a hint of one, they think I like it. I don’t. Leave me alone.

1. When you just want to be left alone, the world can sense it and will not leave you alone


When I’m sad or heartbroken or just about at my wit’s end, people don’t leave me alone. But leave me alone. Seriously. It’s not that hard to just ignore me as I pass by. BYE.

What other struggles do you face from RNF? Let us know!