What’s in your bag? The “It girls of summer” share their everyday must-haves!

Written by: Tiffany Tolones  (IG: @camille_abitofmonica)

Photography by: Elaine Quion (@elainequion) and Rhobynne Villaluna (@rhobzvillaluna)

Shot in Penbrothers, Makati

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(L-R:Arra San Agustin, Lindsay De Vera, Mikee Quintos, Klea Pineda)

It has been almost a week since the last episode of Encantadia reboot and you’re probably missing your favorite Sangres. These Sangres previously shared their summer essentials with us and their unforgettable summer get-aways, memorable trips and experiences. People might think that these female artistas always have so much, since they always dress up and travel different places for shoots and tapings.

Women, generally, have a lot going on their bags. They can fetch anything from their bags, from kikay kits to even utensils. No matter how large or small, messy or not, women can still make a miracle out of those bags, drawing out things like Doraemon’s pouch.

People say that the contents of a woman’s bag tell a lot about its owner. We might think that artistas’ bags are so different from the bags of typical Pinays, but they aren’t. Even artists share the same stuff –and struggle –on their bags.

Let’s get to know more of the “It girls” of Summer, GMA Artists Arra San Agustin, Lindsay De Vera, Mikee Quintos and Klea Pineda, who shared the contents of their bags.

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Arra San Agustin

Arra San Agustin is a 22-year old alumna in the latest Star Struck season. Without even a background about modeling and acting, Arra paved her way through showbiz with her gut instincts and desire to be a print ad model. Her planned medical career halted to being a rising artista. Must be a twist of fate.

Meryl Streep caught her in a heartbeat on her movie, “Sophie’s Choice” and serves as her inspiration in acting.

Actually now, mas naappreciate ko na iyong acting. Hindi lang siya basta may camera, aarte ka. Marami kang dapat i-consider, marami kang kailangang i-immerse sa sarili mo and ngayon ko lang siya super na-appreciate,” she said.

Being in a fantaserye might be her dream come true, but being a mermaid is also nice. She hopes to be a mermaid one day. Maybe she could be your next Dyesebel.

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0500

Here are the things Arra keeps on her bag:

• Wallet –you’re going nowhere when you have no wallet
• Perfume – “Kapag nagdadala ako ng bag, kailangan may perfume. Every baba ng car, spray.”
• Tissue –this and her wallet, her life is complete. She can go to the mall with just bringing these two.
• Cell phone
• Charger and Powerbank –“Kasi phone is life eh. Kunyari namatay iyong phone ko. Wala na, paano na ako makakauwi?
• Earphones –this thing keeps her chill and she can’t last a ride calmly without it.
• Make up pouch –contains her kikay stuff (mascara, face powder, lipstick lip balm). You should never forget the lip balm!

Sentimental item: Lip balm, she cannot live without it. So, if there’s a zombie apocalypse, you gotta hand her a lip balm!

Splurged things: Skin care

You can reach Arra on her social media accounts @ArraSanAgustin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Lindsay De Vera

Lindsay De Vera is a half-British half-Filipino actress in GMA. The 17-year old actress even acted alongside Dingdong Dantes on shows “Pare Koy” and “Alyas Robinhood.”

Lindsay started young, casting on commercials and doing endorsements. But being unable to speak Tagalog, she went through various workshops, and now she is who she is today.

Lindsay draws her inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence, who is known for a champion of gender equality in the Hollywood industry.

“I like Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games to The Passenger, super galing ng pagbigay niya sa character. She have the originality talaga and I really like that because she’s really a good actress for me. She’s one of the actresses I look up to,” she said.

Lindsay doesn’t like leather bags for summer, so she brought her medium-sized handbag. Black suits any color and outfit, so it’s a go-to bag for her.

Here are Lindsay’s must-haves in her bag:

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0499

  • Retouch kit –”Because it’s summer, I have to always keep looking fresh. Even though it’s really hot outside. I’d have my kikay kit, of course, the kikay stuff. I have my lipsticks, powder, lotion, my brushes.”
  • Perfume –always bring it to smell fresh.
  • Cellphone –Phone has to always be with her or else…
  • Sunscreen from Skin Station – “I like to use it because it’s really nice and gentle sa skin. It’s a sunscreen na pwede for babies. It also smells really good. I like the smell of it so I always use sunscreen.”
  • Wallet –”A little guyish wallet. I don’t really do the kikay wallet, with different small pouches.”

Sentimental items: Her lucky coin purse, which was a gift from her lola and the pictures of her family

Splurged item: Kitchenware (silver catering platters, actually) since she loves cooking, and she dreams to have her own restaurant someday.

Follow Lindsay’s everyday life on her social media accounts @lindsaydevera_ (with a unicorn)

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Mikee Quintos

A pretty face and a passionate soul for her craft is what makes Mikee Quintos. Known as Lira in the remake of the hit series Encantadia, Mikee is steadily making her way in showbiz.

Inspired by artists who help her embrace the craft more, Mikee pushes through with her acting career, even juggling her college studies with it.

“My inspirations for acting are the artists who make me love my craft even more,” she said.

One of her dreams is to act alongside Bea Alonzo, who made her cry on Filipino movies. She also wishes to witness Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep perform their craft.

Kung inspiration or idol, siguro in a way kung gaano sila kaseryoso sa craft like Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, pero asa naman ako ‘di ba? Someday sana magkaroon ako ng chance kahit makita lang silang magwork in person –how they are sa set, mga ganyan,” she noted.

She proudly presented her buddy, a black body-bag. Check out her stuff:

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0527

“My go-to bag, ito talaga kahit sa taping ko, it’s black. Bagay siya sa lahat e. And, tamad ako, tamad akong mag-handbag, iyong arte-arte. So gusto ko body-bag siya,” she shared.
• Wallet – “Ito iyong first ever investment ko on my money, my wallet. Kasi sabi nila, kapag nag-invest ka raw sa wallet mo, tuloy-tuloy raw ang blessings.”
• Meds – “Madali akong mahilo and sa puyat life, you need that. Actually, very helpful siya kasi kapag may magkakasakit, ako iyong ready, ako iyong may gamot.”
• My School ID – “You never know kung kailangan mong bumisita sa school, like emergency for the prof, or you have to pass something. Pwede din iyong student discount!”

• Shades – “Para kapag tinatamad ka mag-make up, lipstick lang tapos shades, okay ka na.”
• Cellphone, charger and earphones –phone is life, music is life for Mikee.
• Perfume – “Ever since high school ito na iyong scent na ginagamit ko. Gusto ko kapag naamoy nila ako, magmamark iyong amoy ko sa kanila.” 

Sentimental item: Lola’s picture on her wallet

Splurged things: Rubbershoes! Everyone is a sneakerhead deep inside.

Follow Mikee on her social media accounts @mikeequintos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Klea Pineda

Klea Pineda is the latest Ultimate Female Survivor of GMA’s Star Struck, a show where new talents are discovered. She was a Sangre in Encantadia reboot as the whimsical Muyak. Klea brought her Gucci medium-sized handbag she got from her Mom, matching her summer blue and white romper. She likes to keep her bag full of necessities, in case of emergency.

GMA Artists-Rhobz-0513

Here are the things inside her bag:
• Shades/ sunglasses –when she’s too lazy to do her makeup, or too tired from her shoots and tapings, it was always her go-to look. The shades hide every girl’s dark secrets (in this case, circles).
• Vitamin C spray –for skin care prescribed by her dermatologist; should be applied before and after wearing makeup. Since celebrities mostly wear makeup, Klea said she needs this “kasi araw-araw ang make up mo so, nakakastress sa mukha.”
• Gum – Always ready to talk to people, especially when you meet the boss.
• Wipes –dual purpose: for number 2 and makeup remover
• Wallet –from Charles and Keith. Klea proudly shared that this wallet was from her hard-earned money.
• Charger and Powerbank –Phone is life, so you don’t let your phone ran out of charge.
• Heavy duty powerbank –because if the other power bank is empty, you have to have an alternative. She just borrowed this from her mother since it was convenient for her. “Heavy duty siya, kasi nakakatatlong 100% ata siya,” she said.
• Benefit Cheek and Lip tint –everyday go-to makeup, since she isn’t so fond of lipsticks. “Ayoko na pale iyong lips ko. Ayoko na pale iyong mukha ko. Kahit iyon lang, kahit wala na akong kilay, okay lang.”
• Perfume – “Artista ka, so dapat amoy artista ka din!”
• Headphones –easy escape from reality, and busy tapings
• Contact lens case
• Alcohol
• Pore primer
• Happy Skin Simple makeup kit –for retouch!

Sentimental item: Rosary given by her aunt

Splurged things: Rubbershoes. Klea seems to be a sneakerhead, who always want to buy all kinds of rubbershoes.

With a simple dream of being the face of billboards, Klea became a rising star. She continues to earnestly work her hardest to be a great actress while building her way to the pageantry with 5 feet 9 inches.

Her inspirations –Marian Rivera, Jennilyn Mercado and Jennifer Lawrence, drove her to hone her craft. Someday, she wants to be the next Darna.

You can follow Klea’s everyday life on her social media accounts @kleapineda on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Group 3

Women can have a lot of things going on their bags and you know them better because of it. Celebrity or not, women knew the necessities. Sometimes, it may feel that these artistas have so much on their bags, but their bags also contain the most mundane of things.

How about you? What’s in your bag? Let us know in the comments below.