What’s all the buzz about the strawberry dress?

If you’ve been seeing a very feminine pink dress with strawberry embroidery and tulle overlay lately, you’re probably not the only one. This dress is by Lirika Matoshi, a New York-based fashion designer, who has created the almost meme-worthy, viral dress of the year. It’s the right amount of girly, sweet, and still fashionable. But what’s the buzz about it?

Earlier this year, Tess Holiday wore Lirika Matoshi’s $500 strawberry dress to the Grammy’s where people allegedly criticized her for it. Six months after, girls on TikTok began to wear the dress, as well, in their videos, showing off how beautiful it was as they twirled about in it and showed it off.

It’s not a cheap dress either, so it’s a real commitment to how they want to be on top of the latest trends. Because of that, it went viral, other girls discussing the dress, buying the dress, or just coveting it in general. It’s not a surprise that TikTok had some part in this, making people want the dress so badly.

People have even begun to create fanart of the dress or editing their favorite celebrities in them. One, in particular, stood out, an edit of Harry Styles in it, which the fashion designer’s Instagram posted, too. People have been rocking the girly frock all throughout quarantine in hopefully safe manners.


Matoshi thought at first that sales would decline as the quarantine began and the pandemic had people all holed up in their homes in sweatpants and slippers. But what she didn’t realize was that people would be so hooked onto the popular TikTok and Instagram trend and would place order after order, her sales skyrocketing by almost 700%.

“Most of my designs are inspired by my childhood,” Matoshi told Vogue. “I feel like the things that make me feel better are the strawberries, the dress, the gowns, nature in general.”


We think that people are going gaga over this dress because it’s so sweet and playful and you can imagine anyone wearing it. From the girl-next-door to a Disney princess to even a stranger on the train, it’s got this allure and whimsy about it that lets someone stand out. It’s the perfect cut, the perfect length, has the perfect amount of details, and is unique enough to stand out amongst millions of other dresses out there. It’s gorgeous and eye-catching, different from all the neutrals and dark colors we’ve seen.

What makes it especially tasteful and wanted during the pandemic is its brightness and refusal to dampen anyone’s day. People have been struggling through the pandemic and have felt especially anxious in the present. But the dress’s sweet silhouette and nostalgic shape bring us back to better times, its bright colors and playful details almost a protest against the sadness and anxiety the pandemic brings.

We’ve got celebrities and influencers donning the dress with a grace that only the frock can end to them. Not that these celebrities need that extra boost of daintiness, but the dress definitely lends that beauty and levity to them. It’s so light and airy and ethereal, almost fairy-like in how it looks and moves. You can tell it’s made with love and it definitely is, it takes days to make even just one of these beauties, draping and constructing and everything.


So what is the buzz about the dress? It’s a celebration, it’s a defiant ray of joy in what’s going on now. And even though it’s wildly expensive, many of us still find ourselves fantasizing about it, the dress “living rent-free in our minds.” We draw our favorite characters in them or live vicariously through those who own it. And it brings us all just a little more joy.

Can someone hand me $500? I think I need this dress for myself, too.

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