What Went Down at the Sunshine Blue MV Launch

Jazz band Extrapolation has been lying low during the past few years and have been performing every now and then all around the metro, but they are officially back in the scene.

Last September 28, 2017, Extrapolation launched the music video of their latest single, Sunshine Blue. The launch was held in DULO, a budding 5-month old restaurant-bar-café in Poblacion during their bi-monthly production, Voodoo Child. Despite having just opened recently, this quaint place will guarantee you a great time! Whether you’re there to check out their diverse menu or to mingle and make new friends, you’ll definitely find something to love about DULO.

The place was surprisingly packed, considering it being a weekday. It could possibly be because friends, family, and onlookers were all equally enthusiastic to witness Extrapolation’s performance! Mobster Manila kicked it off with their new wave and punk tunes to liven up the crowd. After their set, the crowd went on cheering to see what Extrapolation has been brewing over the past few months. Here’s what you missed:



Let me just say that the music video’s concept was absolutely relatable! I don’t know about you, but Sunshine Blue makes me wanna make an impulsive decision to head on over to a bus terminal or book a plane ticket and explore the world. It’s such a “feel good” song, don’t you think? Definitely adding it to my travel playlist!

Oh, and don’t get me started on that cinematography. Props to the GrafikGiraffe team for coming up with this awesome music video!

Keep your eyes peeled for more song releases and single launches, as an album is currently on the works! Head on over to Extrapolation’s Facebook page to be on-the-know about their latest updates.

Special thanks to Napier Tolentino, Kyle Salazar, and U Do U