WHAT: UV Express No Longer Allowed to Pass Through EDSA

One of the advantages of riding a UV Express van is that there are plenty of terminals to choose from. If you’re working in Makati and you live in Las Pinas (like this writer), the terminal across Glorietta offers a variety of options to get to Las Pinas, from passing through Coastal or the Skyway to Alabang. And there are different stops, too. You can get down at SM Southmall, at Casimiro, or at BF Resort. Indeed, UV Express and vans in general have made commuting in Manila easier.

But that may soon change as a memorandum has been enforced, saying that UV Express vans are no longer allowed to pass through EDSA.

Memorandum Circular No. 2016-009, orĀ Amending Memorandum Circular No. 2009-019 (Re: GT (UV) Express Service Routes and Areas of Operation), states that UV Express vans are no longer allowed to pass through EDSA, unless they’re crossing to get to another approved route. Instead of EDSA, the vans are encouraged to pass through smaller roads and subdivisions.

According to the memorandum: “It is a matter of judicial notice that traffic congestion in major cities of our country is prevalent, and has become so serious that the economy is affected in no small way.”

It suggests: “GT (UV) Express Service shall no longer be required to traverse a specified/particularized route. Henceforth, they may traverse the shortest and/or most convenient route in reaching their end points/destinations, provided however, that UV Express Services are not allowed to traverse EDSA, except when crossing the same.

It does not state the allowed routes, or if there will be one.

How do you think this will affect traffic? Share your thoughts below!

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