What You Can Expect from ‘Overwatch 2’

‘Overwatch 2’ has just been announced at Blizzcon 2019, and we bet you’re excited to find out more about it. The popular team shooter game ‘Overwatch’ was released in 2016 and although they have regularly released expansions and game modes, this is a whole new step up.

‘Overwatch 2’ aims to expand the entire ‘Overwatch’ universe even more with an actual story mode. The announcement video picks up after the slew of short films that we’ve seen from Blizzard so far. In it, we see our favorite heroes go up against Null Sector, and it seems the sequel will allow for computer enemies in story levels and hero missions instead of the PvP multiplayer experience ‘Overwatch’ players have become accustomed to. We will also be given the chance to customize our heroes’ abilities more as they level up. Watch the video here:


Aside from that, we can look forward to new heroes, new maps, and new designs for both. There is no set release date for ‘Overwatch 2’ so far, but expect more details very soon!

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