What To Do in Camiguin in Just A Day!

Words by Cole Manalac

The Philippines is famous for having tons of islands, with the most famous of the sort being Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. With over 7,107 islands to choose and hundreds of local tourist destinations, you’re bound for a fantastic adventure. Camiguin is one of those places! A small island located near Bohol, it serves as a sort of ‘hidden jewel’ for adventurers and tourists who want to experience nature in its purest form. There are now direct flights to Camiguin via Skyjet!

With that, there are many things to do on the island in just a day, so if you have the time in a busy itinerary, this island is a small day trip you won’t regret. Here are the best places to go to during the day!

1. White Island Sand Bar

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In the sanctuary lays a shore aptly named, ‘Uninhabited White Island.’ The name shouldn’t surprise you since the beach on the island is purely white! This is one of the destinations that haven’t been destroyed in the Camiguin volcanic eruption, so the sand is powdery, silky white. Be prepared though, since the sun is scorching hot, even more so than what we experience in the city.

2. Sunken Cemetary

An eerie and somewhat solemn atmosphere surrounds this area. The cross erected from the sea serves as a monument and dedication towards the souls that have been taken by the volcanic eruption. Accessible by a boat ride, Mt. Vulcan overlooks the cross in a somewhat humbling feature that indicates Mother Nature’s power. However, all is not downtrodden. You can snorkel around the area, and in it is a bustling aquatic biome! With rich and vibrant colours contrasting the somewhat darker history, this is a place to check out definitely.

3. The Old Guiob Church Ruins

The longer name for ‘Old Church Ruins,’ the ruins were constructed over three centuries ago. As the name suggests, the location houses the remnants of the old Spanish-era church that was destroyed by the eruption. If you slowly walk around you get to see how much overgrowth has affected the place. Even better to note is that this is one of the destinations that are man-made, yet haven’t been touched for years. The parallel between nature and man is impressive to note, so if you’re a nature lover, this is one of the places to be!

4. Tuasan Falls

Camiguin: 7 Reasons Why It's Perfect For Your First Solo Adventure

Blessed with crystal clear water, bustling flora, and songful fauna, the falls is a fantastic place to swim and relax in as compared to the abundance of beaches and springs that shine in Camiguin. With a more shallow area that you can put kids in and an area nearing the falls that gets deeper, the spring is a peaceful place to be in. Mainly because the water is cold! Besides that, the roads heading towards the falls are paved and much more accessible due to it’s growing popularity as a tourist site. Funnily enough, the falls are located in a place ironically named Barangay Mainit (I found it funny!).

5. Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Camiguin: 7 Reasons Why It's Perfect For Your First Solo Adventure

Speaking of cold, at the Sto. Nino Cold Spring, you’re bound to be safe from the heinous heat of the Philippines. With continually flowing fresh and chlorine-free water, the difference between it and a pool is staggering. Even so, besides Tuasan Falls, the water comes down from Mt. Mambajao. All of it is naturally filtered by the minerals of the mountain, so you can rest easy if you think something might get you. This is a place to check out on your day trip itinerary!

When all is said and done, these are amazing places to take up your time on your visit to Camiguin, whether it be a day-trip or a vacation. The island is home to a great deal of things to do, and these are fantastic suggestions to get started! Do you have any suggestions of what to do in Camiguin? Comment down below!


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