Here’s What Johnny Depp Would Look Like as The Joker

We’ve seen some great superhero fan art lately, such as Henry Cavill in a New 52-inspired Superman suit. Well, another talented artist is at it – this time imagining what Johnny Depp would look like as The Joker,

With Robert Pattinson taking on the helm as Batman in ‘The Batman’, we can be sure that the movie will be packed with our favorite villains. Although fan favorites for the role of The Joker seem to be Macaulay Culkin and Willem Dafoe, Australian artist William Gray (@willgray_art) has decided to imagine Johnny Depp in the role instead. Check it out:

Will shares that his edit took around 40 to 45 minutes on Photoshop, and we absolutely love it. To be honest, I never would have thought that Johnny Depp could pull it off, but seeing this is kind of changing my mind.

Who’s your pick to play The Joker in the new Batman movie?

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