What’s Next for Shanti Dope?

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Sean Patrick Ramos, publicly known as Shanti Dope, comes from humble beginnings. Between juggling his school load as a Grade 12 student, he also has his music to work on. Take note that his banger, Nadarang, has 28,703,907 streams on Spotify at the moment of this writing! Crazy! Starting in the music business in 2015, barely at the age of 15, his way to success has been a sight-to-see for the believed prodigy of Gloc 9.

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So, what’s next for Shanti Dope? Here are some of the projects we can expect from this young artist:

An Upcoming Single

We just cannot get enough of his songs. Materyal is a song I like to play when I’m having fun with my friends, while songs like Nadarang and Mau are pretty much solidified OPM rap songs you will frequently hear in bars and clubs in the Metro. Hearing another single from him would just lengthen his repertoire of bangers. When asked about what his new single was going to be about, though, the artist tells us, smiling, “Abangan niyo na lang po! Basta exciting yung magiging bagong song ko.” [Just wait for it. I promise my new song will be exciting.]

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The concert will highlight his self-titled album released last year, Shanti Dope, and is actually something that Shanti Dope has been preparing for religiously. Granted, he has already performed on stage, on TV (Have you seen his guesting on Gandang Gabi Vice where he performed Nadarang? *heart eyes emoji*), and even on radio; but a wide stage with an overwhelming amount of people can get anyone pretty flustered. Shanti says that his inspiration is his fans. Seeing that his craft can inspire Filipinos of all ages keep shim going.

A Collaboration with an International Artist

The Grammy award-winning, American hip hop group from the 90s, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, is coming to Manila this September 5, and guess what? Shanti Dope will be opening for the band. He says he is looking forward to being on the same stage with the group.

Apart from performing in a concert with an international group, he will also be collaborating on a song with Krayzie Bone (from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) and rapper Mimi. Will we be seeing Shanti Dope in the international scene, as well?

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And before we go… have you ever wondered where Shanti Dope’s name comes from? Here’s the answer, coming from Shanti himself:

Yung father ko kasi (isang) practitioner ng Christian Consciousness. Bata pa lang ako sinasama na niya ako sa mga temple. (Tapos) kapag nababasa ko yung mga libro nila, may nakikita akong ‘Shanti’ and nacurious ako kung ano yung meaning.

Nalaman ko na ang meaning ay kapayapaan. Sakto rin kasi name ko Sean, so medyo magkarelate.” [My father is a practitioner of Christian Consciousness. Even as a kid, he’d bring me to different temples. When I was reading their books, I’d often see the word ‘Shanti’ and I got curious about it’s meaning. I found out it means peace. It’s perfect because my name is Sean, so they’re kind of related.]

How about the ‘Dope’? “Yung ‘Dope’ nilagyan na lang namin ng ‘Dope’ para astig.” [I just added the Dope so it sounds cool.]

Shanti Dope grew up with rap and was influenced by a lot of OPM artists in the rap scene. With a single coming up, concerts he’ll be performing in, local and international collaborations; things sure are looking up for the young rapper and we hope he keeps slaying the OPM rap scene.