What is Bluetooth? Hisense HB200M Mini Headset Review: Blue Tooth Hands Free Head Set


What is Bluetooth Hisense HB200M Mini Headset Review Blue Tooth Hands Free Head Set



When In Manila and driving around, understand that both texting or talking on your phone while driving, greatly increases the danger and possibility of you getting into an accident! So it’s always best to avoid texting and if you need to talk, do so with a hands free headset device!






I’ve always been a big fan of hands free headsets. They’re just so much easier to use in so many ways. Not only do I free up my hands so I can actually do other things like type or write notes, but I also can hear who I’m talking to so much better because of the earphones / headset.


Bluetooth on the other hand is one even cooler contraption. It’s really easy to use and so much more convenient with no messy wires.


For the non-techies out there still asking yourselves: “What is Bluetooth?” here’s what Bluetooth is in layman’s terms: Bluetooth is a technology that enables a device to communicate and share. Bluetooth is a Wireless networking protocol, which allows cell phones, computers, palm devices, and some automobiles to automatically syncronize, and share data.




With that said, I wanted to introduce you guys to my new toy, the Hisense HB200M Bluetooth Handsfree Headset.




Here’s why I like these slick baby’s: The Hisense HB200M is really small, but it’s still customizable! You can add on little accessories like the ear clip which is perfect for runners, athletes or just anyone whose ear doesn’t always hold the Bluetooth device in properly.






Furthermore, I also use the in-ear type of earphone accessory as I’m always at loud events and can’t always hear who I’m talking to. This accessory really helps me get a clear audio feed and not have to embarrassingly have to ask my people I’m talking to to keep repeating themselves.






I may not use the necklace type thing myself, but I can see it being very handy for others as you can magnetically just snap your Hisense on the necklace accessory and then easily grab it and put it back on your ear when you need to. It seems to be pretty loose though so do be careful when using this as you may lose your Hisense headset. I recommend you use this only when in the office or somewhere secure.




Anyway, here’s more Bluetooth Headset specs for those really techie and geeky types out there:

Bluetooth: Version 2.1 compliance with Bluetooth V.1.1 or higher

Paired Devices: Up to 2 devices

Bluetooth chipset: CSR BC-6

Multi point connection: Connect 2 mobile phones at same time

Radio frequency: 2404MHz – 2481MHz

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer 55mAh

Charging Time: Approx 3.5 Hours

Talk Time: 5.5 Hours

Standby Time: 150 Hours

Weight: Only 7.5 grams

Dimensions: 42mm x 16mm x 12mm

Available Colors: silver, champagne, red, green, white

SRP: PHP 1,950.00 Now just P1450!

What’s in the box: 1 HB200m Mini Headset, 1 Magnetic Necklace Pendant Clip, 1 Necklace, 3 Ear bud sizes S/M/L, 1 In-ear bud, 1 Flexible Ear Hook, 1 USB charging cable, 1 USB AC Charger, user manual


The Hisense HB200M Mini Headset: Blue Tooth Hands Free Head Set is available at Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Beyond the Box and many more of your favorite tech stores as listed below:


5th Ave.
Anson’s – Home.Connect
Beeper City
Beyond the box
Bionic HD
Cell Power Sales
Digital Hub
Digital Hub – CDO
Digital Walker
E-Central – Cebu City
First Choice Cellphone – Tagum City
Gadgets in Style
Games and Gadgets
Graphic-All-In – CDO
iCenter – Davao City
iBook – Clark
Jerry Solutions
Mobile Care
Mobile Experts
Mobile Territory
New Venice
Power Mac Center
Power Telecom
Power Hub – Davao City
Round Circle
Sir Lance
Senco Link
Star Circle
Techno Kid
Techno Mobile Hub
The A. Shop
The Inbox Store – Pampanga
Urban Athletics
Xsite Mobile

When In Manila, I highly recommend this Hisense HB200M Bluetooth Mini Headset both for convenience and for safety when you drive.

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What is Bluetooth? Hisense HB200M Mini Headset Review: Blue Tooth Hands Free Head Set


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