What if Wakanda were in the World Cup?

The World Cup has taken all of us by storm! Between staying up super late to watch the games and trying not to wake our own neighbors when we cheer for miraculous goals, the hype is super real. But we wonder what would happen if our favorite vibranium nation were to join the World Cup! Would they absolutely dominate? (The answer is probably yes)

Here’s what we would think would happen if Wakanda were in the World Cup!

King T’Challa

Tchalla World Cup

Captain T’Challa, naturally. And he leads by example. He’d probably be at the very forefront of the team, a natural Striker who would earn the support of his teammates and his fellow Wakandans when he racks up the points for the team. I imagine all of the Wakandan audience getting up on their feet when he gets that ball in the net.

Prince N’Jadaka/Erik Killmonger

Killmonger World Cup

Erik would definitely be up on that field, too, possibly right beside T’Challa. As someone who would definitely be offensively-gifted, he also has the responsibility for defensively linking up other players and is strong enough to intercept the ball from opponents or in the air. He’d be very strong and be able to perform multiple tasks all at once. If Captain T’Challa is off the field, he’s in charge.


WKabi World CUp

W’Kabi would make a good Defensive Midfielder as he can get creative with defense and organize plays from the back. His strength will come in handy here as he’ll have to wrestle the ball away from opponents and bring them back to more offensive players.

He’ll also have to try and plan out attacks from his vantage point, something we know he’s good at as a┬ákilled warrior.


Okoye World Cup

A natural Attacking Midfielder, Okoye will offer support and assist in scoring, likely even to score some goals herself. She’ll have excellent range and will be very flexible on the field, able to intercept and drive forward towards the goal if needed, offering that crucial last pass to a more offensive player if necessary or she’ll knock it in herself. Okoye does better moving forward rather than hanging back, her experience as the captain of the Dora Milaje shining through here.


Nakia World Cup

Nakia would be a great Center Back with her strong leadership and reliability. As the last line of defense before the goalkeeper, she’ll be able to face opponents head-on and aggressively take the ball back and re-orient the team’s movement. Not only that, Nakia is strong as a member of the War Dogs and her strength shines most when she takes on a more defensive, protective role.

Princess Shuri

Shuri World Cup

More of the tactician and coach, Shuri will be orchestrating everything from her perch and the sidelines. She’ll be the principal playmaker and the team will execute what she has in mind. She also probably makes these extra special cleats or equipment for the team that’ll help them out on the pitch.


MBaku World Cup edit

Strong, imposing M’Baku is perfect for guarding the net. He’ll use his size to his advantage and then show everyone up with his speed. A seasoned warrior, he’ll never back down from any attempt at a goal and will do everything he can to protect it. He’ll also have the coolest chants from across the field to hype up the entire team.

As for how they’ll fare as a team, we’re pretty certain they’ll rise up the ranks fairly quickly. It’ll be an explosive finals with some close calls, maybe some heated arguments or exchanges between T’Challa and Killmonger, but an eventual win.

The trophy will be beautiful but will pale in comparison to all the vibranium, of course. Just another victory for Wakanda!

Do you think Wakanda could win the World Cup with this line-up? Let us know!