What I Love Most About Traveling

Traveling has played a vital role in keeping my whole life afloat despite every struggle and hardship I have ever encountered. It can somewhat be considered a break from everything, and a gift to oneself at the same time. Willfully wandering is not a hobby anymore (at least for me); but a lifestyle, so to speak. There is this constant need inside me to get lost every once in a while; it is terrifying, but it is definitely more thrilling. Not only did I get to travel to erstwhile unreachable places, but there is also a ton of wonderful things I learned and came to love.

5. Locals and Their Culture

What I Love Most About Traveling2What I Love Most About Traveling

After years of traveling in the country and in some other places abroad, I can say that the world is still filled with inspiring and loving people. Of all the places I have gone to, there have always been souls who left their mark on me. You’d probably be surprised how most strangers you meet along the way are just as genuine as those you have known for a long time.

Another thing is you get to learn about their culture and tradition. It is not just about meeting people — you know where they are coming from and you connect with them on a much deeper level.

4. The Beaches

What I Love Most About Traveling

What I Love Most About Traveling4

It is quite customary for people to get into their swimming trunks and bathing suits and hit the beach during the summer. It has become a go-to place, especially with the scorching heat tormenting a tropical country like ours.

Another good reason to visit the great coastlines is that aside from swimming, there is plenty of other exciting stuff to do. You can surf, parasail, scuba dive, snorkel, and much more! What’s even more amazing is that you can do all of these things in just one place, – even in a single day! – and with lots of people to have fun with, to boot!


What I Love Most About Traveling

What I Love Most About Traveling

Who doesn’t love food? It is one of the many factors that make people visit a certain place. When I set foot in provinces, I always make it a point to try their famous specialties. It is a must, especially if the natives themselves offer you their special cuisine. What struck my tummy the most up to this day are the Longganisa and Bagnet from Ilocos Norte, the Pancit Lomi from Batangas, and the ever mouth-watering tuna from Davao. Anyway, I had to get up from my seat and get myself a tissue a while ago because I was drooling unconsciously.

2. Mountains

What I Love Most About Traveling7

What I Love Most About Traveling8

I have always been a fan of great heights. It is where I find solitude whenever endless thoughts are clouding my mind. Since most people do not prefer to tire themselves out by climbing hundreds of meters, I get hold of comfort with just a few people hiking alongside me. The first few paces are always tough, though; and to be honest, I have had my share of jitters and loss of sheer determination. However, what always keeps me going is the fact that when I reach the peak, I will be rewarded with something I would otherwise never get to experience and see even in my wildest dreams.

1. Adventure

What I Love Most About Traveling

What I Love Most About Traveling

Although I spend most of my time working and go straight home afterwards, I still crave the irresistible allure of the immense outdoors. Some people just go on living their lives without even stopping and admiring the beauty that surrounds them. There are millions of places to be seen and thousands of journeys to be taken. Do not be the type of person who spends their lifetime working their buttocks off. I am not saying that it is not okay to do so, but try to squeeze in a little bit of adventure while you are at it. After all, life is short and youth is finite. Enjoy it to the fullest!


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