5 Things Fans Want to See in the Upcoming “Assassin’s Creed” Netflix Series

Words by Joaquin Ramon Jocson

As Netflix announced last year that they were going to be making a live-action series of the popular Ubisoft video game franchise “Assassin’s Creed”, fans are very excited and hyped up to see what Netflix has in store for them. As of May 2021, the live-action show is currently being developed and fans have been eager to know what it will be about, considering that the last “Assassin’s Creed” movie that came out in 2016, starring Michael Fassbender, wasn’t really what everyone thought it would be due to the many liberties it took in adapting the video game series.

Here are five things fans definitely hope to see in the upcoming Netflix show!

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5. Cool Action Scenes

Though there were a lot of cool fight scenes in the 2016 movie, I’d be the first to say that there could’ve been a lot more. The assassin skills and agility are what make the characters unique, so we the fans want to see plenty of parkour and deadly fight scenes in this upcoming series. We know that Netflix is capable of this, seeing the level of quality stunts in shows like “Daredevil” and “The Punisher.”

4. An Engaging Modern-Day Plot

The 2016 movie didn’t really offer that much in the modern-day plot. It was surely there in the movie, but it lacked importance. We want to feel connected to the characters and see how there are severe consequences to their actions. We want to see that never-ending brutal conflict between the assassins and templars and how it still continues in the modern-day centuries later.

3. Implement Factors from the Gameplay

Showing social stealth and bribing people to remain anonymous is the heart of the Assassin’s Creed theme. Hiding in plain sight, working in the dark to serve the light… It would be really interesting to see if this makes it to the live-action. The lack of social stealth was one of the major flaws for me when watching the 2016 movie, since that is the heart and soul of Assassin’s Creed. It’s what makes the brotherhood unique from other teams and gangs you see in most media!

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2. Appearances Made by the Video Game Characters

Look, we’re not asking a lot. If you think that making a series about an already existing character and their story is bad because there’s nothing left from the story to tell, then that’s your opinion. But as fans of the video game, it would be worth it to at least see some of these beloved characters making it to the live-action. For example, maybe having Ezio Auditore as a mentor to the protagonist or Desmond Miles showing up in the modern-day plot. This would surely get the attention and interest of fans! There are even rumors that the series will actually indeed be about one of the video game’s characters and if that is true, then fans will undoubtedly watch the show without hesitation.

1. Introduction of New Storylines While Keeping That Unique Atmosphere

It would be great to see new interesting storylines that really hook the audience while still being able to keep that unique Assassin’s Creed atmosphere and its mysterious feel. The assassins, templars, abstergo, and the animus are all such interesting concepts. So, putting these concepts to use with a new, fresh, and exciting story to tell will really please the fans and make this series unique from other shows.

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