What does “sco pa tu manaa” mean and why is it all over Twitter?

If you love Twitter like I do, you probably noticed all these posts with “sco pa tu manaa” and a picture of something going around. Usually, quote-tweeted, is some sort of opinion or thought and many have thousands upon thousands of likes and retweets. We can kind of see that it’s a way for people to express their opinions somehow but what in the world does it mean?



After a quick try at google translate and some research, we’ve found that it’s technically gibberish sang by a Ghanaian artist Patapaa who is known for ad libbing and adding gibberish to his songs. It even started the sco pa tu manaa challenge. So we can’t really pinpoint exactly where it started.

Screen Shot 2019 08 04 at 9.15.34 PM

All we know is that now it’s being used to express opinions and spark discussions. And while it has baffled many, it’s begun some pretty interesting threads about different topics. And it’s even made itself into a meme.


Much like the unpopular opinion trend, people voice out stuff they might not say on the regular. But the interesting part is it creates a space for people to discuss. Or to just… meme out.


(If you’ve ever read a Wattpad novel, this one’s golden)

Well, whatever it’s supposed to truly mean, it’s just interesting seeing it on our timelines and even more interesting seeing people’s reactions to it. It’s something that’s spiced up Twitter and we all love some good spice.

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