What Did Your Childhood Dream House Look Like?

Do you still remember the dreams you had as a child? I do. I had a dream job, a dream wedding, a dream husband, a dream car and a dream house.

My dream house looked pretty much like my Barbie Dream House, but instead of being pink, it was yellow. It had a porch, three bedrooms and an amazing entertainment center. Growing up, that dream house lived on in my mind and became even more vivid when I was a senior in high school – a time when the movies that I watched seemed to focus on making dream homes a reality.

In the movie ’13 Going on 30’, for example, Jenna had a cardboard dream house much like my own Barbie Dream House:

13 Going on 30 Dream House 1

And then one day, that dream house of hers became a reality:

13 Going on 30 Dream House 2

And of course, who could forget Noah actually building Ally’s dream house in ‘The Notebook’, giving everyone hope that their dream houses can become a reality.

The Notebook Dream House

However, as I got older and as I faced more financial responsibilities, my dream house seemed to become more and more unattainable. Because of this, I ended up renting a place for 13K a month instead.

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