What?! Cockroach executed on bizarre tiny electric chair in the Philippines

A cockroach was executed using a bizarre mini electric chair that was specially-made for such incident, as reported by The Daily Mail UK.

The mini electric share was created by a sculptor in the Philippines. He executed the poor cockroach after he caught it flying through a window of his home in Pasig.

According to the report, the maker of the tiny wooden electric chair spent two hours creating it. He connected it to some battery wires and a light bulb. Then, he strapped a metal lid on the head of the cockroach.

Photo credit: Viral Press via imgur

A video of this incident was taken and posted online. On the video, you can see him flick the switch. This sent the electricity through the bug’s body. Apparently, this fried the roach from the inside. The video was posted on YouTube but has already been deleted.

Screenshot from The Daily Mail UK

Understandably, people are not happy about this. Some people criticized the sculptor for this stunt, which many felt was some form of animal cruelty.

Other people expressed otherwise. One even said, “Stop being a crybaby. It’s a filthy cockroach that tries to colonize your house and it’s full of bacteria. It’s either them or us.”

After the stunt, the deceased cockroach was placed in a makeshift coffin from an empty matchstick box.

Photo credit: Viral Press via imgur

Personally, this is quite disturbing for me. I don’t know…

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