What Can You Say About This Photo? Is Following Instructions a Basis of Discipline in our Country?


 Netizen Vincent Ventura Posted this photo taken in an Ocean Park in Manila showing children who went beyond the line of where it was clearly stated to not go beyond to with the caption “Kaya hindi umuulad ang Pilipinas” (Why the Philippines is not successful) 

People react on the comment section of the photo questioning the example that the adults are setting for these children saying that they should’ve complied with the simple instruction.

Others asked why it was important for people to be behind the line asking if there were sharks or dangerous animals that the park was protecting the public from.

What can you say about this photo?

Do you think this is a reflection of how our society takes instructions lightly? Does it show our capability to follow governance or is it simply an over reaction?

Let us know! We love hearing different sides!