We’re Jealous! This Dog Flies First Class

Any first class seat price would cost an average person, especially in the Philippines, a fortune.

One passenger named April Easterwood Thornton was on a flight on the way to Newark, New Jersey coming from Atlanta, Georgia, when she saw something you would not usually see when you’re on a plane ride.

On the way to her seat, as she dragged her luggage through the first class cabin, a little, cute face looked up at her and no, it was not a baby. It was an adorable Cocker Spaniel.

first class

Now, any passenger like Thornton would have expected to see probably service dogs on a plane. But as seen in the picture, this prestigious pup was sitting on a first class seat all snuggled up in a comfortable blanket. The dog was enjoying so much luxury that comes in a first class seat with a big space for leg room.

As Thornton made her way to the economy, the dog was fixated on following her as she walked on the aisle. “Felt a little judged walking past this gal,” she noted on Facebook. “I noticed the pup right away because she was sprawled out in her very own seat which happened to be the first one on the plane!” Thornton reportedly told The Dodo. “I was amazed that she has her own seat. I hadn’t seen that before.”