Welcome to the Birds’ OctoBirdFest: Maligayang Pagdating


Animal migration is a worldwide phenomenon that is an instinctive behavior that drives them to travel from one place to another, by season, as part of their long-term health and survival.

Birds also have this intuitive manner wherein they take a long journey around the globe through paths called ‘flyways’ to survive the winter season in their home countries.

The Philippines is part of the  East Asian-Australasian Flyway that stretches from the north in Russia, China and Japan to South East Asia and finally to Australia and New Zealand.

The country’s peak of the migratory season starts at the month of September every year where bird counts reach tens of thousands and can be seen in various coastal, mudflats, swamps, freshwater, and forest areas. This is a wondrous cause for celebration as the return of these migratory species signifies that the Philippines still has a healthy ecosystem and food sources that attract these birds to visit.

Haribon Foundation, a partner of BirdLIfe International, is holding the 3rd Annual “Welcome to the Birds: Maligayang Pagdating”— a remarkable celebration with events happening from October 2015 until March 2016 that welcomes the return of tens of thousands of migratory birds to the Philippines.

For this year, Welcome to the Birds or WTTB, will be a four-part celebration that utilizes awareness raising, environmental education and nature appreciation, to benefit people of all ages. This festive campaign aims to highlight the country as part of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, increase awareness and appreciation for migratory birds and sites in the Philippines, encourage students and other participants to help welcome migratory birds safely in the country by protecting and conserving habitats while engaging everyone in a range of activities.

The kick-off event for WTTB entitled OctoBird Fest will happen on October 24 at the Burnham Green, Rizal Park. This is a free entrance event where we invite everyone to join and fly kites to celebrate the return of the migratory birds. Aside from kite-flying, exciting activities are also lined up including arts and crafts, eco-games, kite workshops, and many more that are perfect for all ages. OctoBird Fest will showcase traditional fun and heartwarming welcome of Filipinos event for our annual avian visitors.

Other upcoming WTTB events include: Teaching tours from October 2015-March 2016, Wader Quest on Nov 7, 2015, Birdwatching Tours on October 2015-March 2016, and Bird Race on March 2016.

Help raise awareness about the state and importance of migratory birds and their habitats, and welcome them together with your family and friends! To get to know more about Welcome to the Birds 2015, visit bit.ly/wtodabirds! For inquiries, call: (632)434.4642| 921.12.09 and/or email: membership@haribon.org.ph