Weird Items You Can Buy Online

At this point in our lives, we can essentially buy anything at any time through online shopping. I’m sure you’ve already seen tons of essential items as well as nifty gadgets that make life a little bit easier. Aside from these cool and useful items, it’s also easy to spot some weird and unconventional products when you go online shopping.

Here are a few weird items we saw online:

Human Anatomy-Inspired Swimsuit

Photo from Lazada

If you truly want to catch everyone’s attention through your swimwear, then this human anatomy-inspired swimsuit is the way to go. The one-piece swimsuit features a 3D design of what the human internal organs would look like inside the body. So, essentially, it’s like people are peeking through your skin and muscle and looking (literally) inside of you while you’re wearing it. If this doesn’t catch anyone’s attention, I don’t know what will. Buy this human anatomy-inspired swimsuit here!

Resin Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Photo from Lazada

You might have already seen those cute corgi butt tissue holders everywhere. While those may be adorably weird, they’re not as weird as this cat butt tissue holder—the only reason being that it’s made out of resin. I guess we can easily accept cute corgi butt tissue holders because they’re soft and squishy. But these cat butt tissue holders are made out of resin and have been designed with the whole cat. It’s just a little bit too realistic for a container that dispenses tissue out of its butt. Buy this cat butt tissue holder here!

Spoof Tissue Holder Statue

Photo from Lazada

If you want a tissue holder with a little bit of insult, you might enjoy this spoof tissue holder statue. It’s essentially a statue of a tiny man who holds your tissue paper roll while mockingly holding his nose. This is also a great companion in the bathroom if you don’t mind having someone else with you, insulting the smell of your business. Buy this spoof tissue holder statue here!

Nicolas Cage Magic Sequins Pillow

Photo from Shopee

You probably already know that Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage has become such a huge Internet joke thanks to so many memes made with his face. If you’re known to have a bit of a weird sense of humor, then you’ll probably love this Nicolas Cage magic sequins pillow. If you’re familiar with those magic pillows that reveal a new picture once you swipe against the sequins, this particular magic pillow will reveal a close-up face of Nicolas Cage—because why not. Buy this Nicolas Cage Sequins Pillow here!

Tiny Hands

Photo from Lazada

These tiny hands have been going viral around Tiktok just because it makes anything funny! These tiny hands can be worn on the fingertips, and you can have one hand for each finger. Many online creators have also used these tiny hands for their pets, making them do mundane things such as “cooking” or “working”. These tiny hands may be weird, but there’s no doubt that you’ll have lots of fun with this. Buy these tiny hands here!

What are some of the weirdest items you’ve seen on Lazada? Share it with us!

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