Weaving Dreams at Tesoros

TESOROS presents another partnership that celebrates authentic, contemporary Filipino craft with the launch of ANTHILL Fabric Gallery on September 14 at the TESOROS flagship store at 1016 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City. This initiative is part of TESOROS’ Disenyo at Talento Talks, a thought leadership series that advances the growth of innovative Philippine-made products by highlighting how the unique and colorful heritage of the country can be incorporated in product development and honoring the artists that fuel the creativity behind these products.

ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading/ Training Hub for Ingenious and Indigenous Little Livelihood Seekers) Fabric Gallery is a social and cultural enterprise that fosters Filipino identity through heart-woven clothes. ANTHILL endeavors to create an environment that will enable the preservation, development and promotion of hand-loomed fabrics. Their movement of proud weave wearing is the foundation of this ecosystem which in turn provides sustainable livelihood to partner communities.

Under the leadership of Co-Founder and Managing Director Ms. Anya Lim, who is endearingly called the “Princess Ant,” ANTHILL propagates a sustainable ecosystem that starts with the creation of product designs for younger generation and providing the essential business development and market access to promote the commercial success of the enterprise. Because of this model, Anya’s work gained international recognition in the recently concluded APEC Summit in Lima, Peru. She also won the special prize for Business Efficiency and Success Target Awards.

Tesoros’ partnership with ANTHILL is driven by a shared vision to promote the preservation of local weaves by closely working with communities, interest groups, and social entrepreneurs like Anya.

The ANTHILL collection with its limited-edition and exclusively designed items for TESOROS is available starting September 15. Together, ANTHILL and TESOROS support weaving dreams by making fabrics more than just an ingredient to fashion, but more of a way of life.

Wear your tribe. Wear it with pride.


ANTHILL’s collection includes Lumad Dolls that are perfect for children and kids-at-heart.


Anya Lim of ANTHILL, proudly weaving dreams with TESOROS.

TESOROS’ CEO, Maria Isabel “Beng” Tesoro and ANTHILL Fabric Gallery’s Princess Ant, Anya Lim.


Anya Lim shares her passion of weaving dreams with TESOROS.


Some of ANTHILL’s fashionable weave skirts.


(L-R) Beng Tesoro and Anya Lim with Patis Tesoro and members of the Financial Executives of the Philippines.


Visit 1016 Arnaiz Ave., Makati City for the complete ANTHILL collection and exclusive items from TESOROS.

ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

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