A Portable Air Conditioner You Can Wear on Your Clothes Now Exists. Here’s Where to Get It!

Say goodbye to sweat and exhaustion from spending too much time under the sweltering heat of the sun because Sony just unveiled its newest invention: a wearable air conditioner!

Called the Reon Pocket, this device can keep your body cool during hot sunny days by slipping it inside a special undershirt and controlling its temperature with a smartphone app. According to Sony, it can decrease your body temperature by 13 degrees Celsius or even raise it by 8 degrees Celsius if you wanted to use it to keep yourself warm in cold environments.


The Reon Pocket is currently up for crowdfunding on First Flight and has already exceeded its goal of 66,000,000 yen (approximately PHP 31 million). Backers are expected to receive their devices by March 2020. However, it will only be made available to those residing in Japan.

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Would you want to own one of these? Let us know what you think!