We Went to GoT’s Frozen North and Lived to Tell the Tale

2019 is a big year for Game of Thrones fans as this is the year that the massive worldwide phenomenon is actually coming to an end. A bunch of us at When in Manila have been watching ‘Game of Thrones’ ever since it premiered back in 2011. And after such a long wait for the 8th and final season to come out, we can hardly believe that the last episode is practically upon us.

That said, you can just imagine how much fun we had when we attended the Winter is Here VIP Kick Off – an epic event led by White Walker by Johnnie Walker. Held at Whitespace Manila, it was a double event in one: the culmination of Johnnie Walker’s Flavor Festival and a kick off to the upcoming final season through an immersive journey to the Frozen North! Read on to learn more about what went down at the event, the different core blends of Johnnie Walker, and of course, White Walker by Johnnie Walker.

The first stop is one brought to life by fire. Set against what looked like an old town citadel, Johnnie Walker Red Label’s fiery and spicy flavors were complemented by special fire elements and performances. Patty Tiu was the maiden of this fortress – and she looked every bit the part too, with her red, flowy dress complete with dramatic accents.

GoT Patty Tiu

Next on the itinerary was a dark forest, with thickets made eerie by ravens hovering only slightly above guests. Alodia Gosiengfiao looked like she definitely belonged in this plot of land with her black avant-garde attire. Befittingly so, this forest was the shrine for Johnnie Walker Black Label, the Scotch whisky-maker’s iconic blend.

IMG 2008IMG 2008

Flashy, ornate architecture and details characterized the third vignette. Sam YG was the image of celebration and merriment as he talked to visitors about the feast that lay before them and Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, fittingly the brand’s blend for celebrations.

GoT Feast

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, being the rare blend and the most premium in Johnnie Walker’s core line, was well-represented in the throne room. Opulence and regality was the theme, and Tim Yap was sitting impressively on the throne waiting to address his subjects.

GoT Tim Yap

After going through those four areas, we were so ready to continue our journey to the Frozen North. We should have expected that it wouldn’t be that quick – we couldn’t move forward because before us stood a colossal ice wall, which was ceremoniously and dramatically broken before revealing an ice bar where we finally got to enjoy the star of the night: White Walker by Johnnie Walker.

GoT Celebs

Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador Nico Bolzico formally welcomed us to the bar and introduced us to the limited edition whisky, which took inspiration from the White Walkers from the bottle to the blend.

Johnnie 9

First off, let’s talk about the bottle. Aside from its recognizable difference from the usual packaging of Johnnie Walker, you’ll notice the brand’s iconic striding man has been replaced by a striding White Walker: sinister-looking, clad in armor, still donning a top hat, but this time sans the cane and with a spear.

It gets much more interesting in just a bit! Since this limited edition whisky is inspired by winters in the North, storing the bottle in the freezer reveals the chill-inducing line from the show: WINTER IS HERE.

Johnnie 7

Once you take it out of the freezer, best to grab a glass and enjoy White Walker by Johnnie Walker already as it is best enjoyed at 1.5 degrees, straight out of the freezer. The whisky is easy-to-drink, with notes of caramelized sugar and vanilla, fresh red berries with a touch of orchard fruit, which makes for a polished and sweet taste with a fruity twist. Read more info about White Walker by Johnnie Walker here.

GoT Alodia

Over at the ice bar, we also got to enjoy White Walker by Johnnie Walker in different ways – neat, on the rocks, as a highball, or in a special cocktail!

See more of what happened at the event here:


For sure, despite the heat of the season, winter is definitely here. Make sure to grab your own White Walker by Johnnie Walker bottle to celebrate the premiere of the final season! It’s available at all leading supermarkets nationwide for PHP 1,299.00. Check out the Johnnie Walker Facebook Page for more info!