We think this ‘Daniel Padilla’ ad might be the cutest one this Valentine’s

Do you still remember when you finally became Facebook official? What about the first time you set eyes on your significant other? Do you still remember the exact moment when you knew they were ‘The One’?

Lemon Square’s recent commercial for their Lava Cake might take you back to those kilig times in your life. The commercial starts with a close-up of an official Facebook relationship status before the female narrator starts reminiscing of when she and her boyfriend Daniel Padilla first met. She continues reminiscing all the way to when she knew their love was real.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, this commercial brings back the kilig of first loves, as well as the kilig that comes with finally becoming ‘Facebook official’. We especially love the unexpected yet super cute twist at the end:

Did this Lava Cake commercial remind you of how you met your significant other? Or are you currently single and reminiscing special moments with past loves? Regardless of your current relationship status, you should be spending this special day (and everyday after that) with everyone’s one true love: Lava Cake by Lemon Square!

Share your kilig stories with us, be it with a person or with a snack. We need all the love we can get this Valentine’s Day!

Lava Cake by Lemon Square



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