We’re Loving This Laid-Back and Fun Prenup Shoot in Siargao

Our favorite prenup shoots are the ones that really showcase the personalities of the bride and groom. And that is exactly what we saw in this laid-back and fun prenup shoot in Siargao with Louie Jan Tamayo and Kathleen Lopez-Dee.

For their January wedding, Louie and Kate went for the theme ‘documented travel in Siargao’ in their prenup shoot without any gowns, makeup, or drama – just a laid-back, natural, and fun shoot… and we are absolutely in love with it! Check out these photos of their shoot by their photographers ‘The Backyard Studios’:

Beach lovers, adventurous, spontaneous, fun-loving, and silly most of the time, Louie and Kate really wanted to have a laid-back and documented travel kind of prenup session because they knew it would bring out their personalities the most.

“Serious poses and editorial kinds are just not for us,” Kate explains. “We would probably just be laughing out loud looking into each other’s eyes with poker faces.”

Louie and Kate opted to do their shoot in Siargao because this place exudes the raw and simple beauty of nature with adventures that excite them.

While planning their shoot, they had already read a lot of good reviews and experiences from the place. “We are so glad we did,” Kate gushes. “Our photos really show how much fun we had and how memorable this place will always be for us. These kinds of photos will go along with such a nice story for our future kids and grandkids.”

“I couldn’t imagine it any other way,” Kate says. “The Backyard Studios really did an amazing job!” Isn’t their prenup beautiful? Share your prenup photos and stories with us, as well! 🙂

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