We Just Found Your Next Korean Crush–And He’s The South Korean President’s Bodyguard

We Pinoys definitely have a soft spot for South Koreans, as evidenced by our warm reception to K-Dramas, K-Pop, and K-Pop idols. Most of us have had our own Korean crushes. If you still haven’t, then we may have found you one.

The internet went nuts when photos of the newest South Korean President surfaced online. But people weren’t looking at the president. Everyone was talking about his super handsome bodyguard.

This beautiful specimen’s name is reportedly Choi Young-jae, but people are content on calling him the “President’s Hot Bodyguard”.

People on Twitter are even having fun coming up with possible K-Drama plots with this bodyguard as the lead character, because why not?

I’d watch every bit of that K-Drama!

AllKpop.com, fortunately, released more photos of our newest Korean crush, and it easily looks like he’s an actor on a movie set!

south korean president bodyguard 2Photo from AllKpop.com

south korean president bodyguard 3Photo from AllKpop.com

He is definitely fiiiine!

People have already been volunteering to be guarded by Young-jae.

Others are considering being a national security threat to get up close and personal with this handsome man.

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But before you do anything drastic, you should know that he’s reportedly already married and with kids. So, you’ll have to make do with staring at his face in the background of the president’s photos.

south korean president bodyguardPhoto from AllKpop.com

He’s definitely one beautiful human being that has just made people around the world thirst. I think we can all agree with that.

What do you think of the South Korean president’s bodyguard? Share it with us!

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