We got the royal massage treatment right from the comfort of home!

Stressed? Samedt, sis. I constantly feel like I need a massage, even on days I’m not doing anything. I think it’s just because life itself is stressful and bad vibes permeate even the most mundane of days. Massages are times I can forget that I’m stressed, where I turn to putty under someone’s licensed, oiled hands. But going out to get a massage? In this traffic?? Besh, I shudder at the thought.

Which is why when Spaluxe Manila was a blessing we didn’t know we needed.

spaluxe 1

Bruh, they came to me for the massage–thank the heavens

Not only did they do home service, but it’s like they brought heaven to us. They didn’t stop at just the massage, they set up a bed, brought scented (and unscented, if that’s your jam) oils, candles, and speakers, too. The whole package was there and we were just supposed to lie back (or forward, rather) and relax.

“Breathe in calm, breathe out stress,” she told me as she started to warm her hands for the 90-minute massage, what I know refer to Heaven-Session. Because while it was just a simple mantra to her, it was the reality for me. All my stress about work, my non-existent love life, and my worries about other things melted away as she started to work on my back and shoulders. I was clay under her hands and she was free to mold me however she liked (I say this in a platonic way).

spaluxe 2

She was also very responsive and understanding about how ticklish I was or if we had any injuries. I have a bad shoulder and she was so careful with it, taking note to ease the heft of her hands whenever she had to pass over that area. But I noticed no pain or discomfort at all, it was all relaxation and calm, the music lulling me to some serene state that I don’t think I’ve ever been in before.

spaluxe 3

The candle was super cute and added to the vibe

All we had to do to get into the stress-free mindset was dim the lights and let Spaluxe take care of the rest. It was so easy and so much fun, getting a moment of quiet in the hustle and bustle of Manila. We felt like royalty being transported away from the busy streets and into a quiet, soft, serene bed of clouds with kneading, powerful hands. I was in such a relaxed state that if she asked me carry out a crime in her soft, soothing voice, I probably would’ve (don’t, though).

spaluxe 4

You have your choice of scented or unscented!

Even the oil put me right into the mindset that I needed to #treatmyself more often like this. It was a play on the senses, as I even trusted her with my eyes closed and pointed away from her. I knew she could just take all my troubles away–all without the stress of traffic and having to get somewhere else to feel all that relaxation.

Whether you need to escape the stress at work or just give yourself an hour and a half of quiet, Spaluxe has just the massage for you. And you never have to leave home to get to that nirvana-esque state, music and all.

We already know you’re stressing and itching to give it a try–we got you. 😉

Spaluxe Manila

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