We got a taste of Korea with BonChon’s Bingsu!

Filipinos have openly embraced Korean culture from popular K-Dramas to fashion, and most notably their unique cuisine. Their influence today can be seen in various restaurants in the metro, which has made us grow more accustomed to popular dishes like Bibimbap, Galbi, Kimchi, and Japchae. These dishes make us want to pack our bags and fly off to Korea for some Seoul searching! But now, there’s no need to travel all that way to get your quick fix on Korean dishes.

One of the newest dishes that we are craving for right now is the Korean shaved-ice favorite: Bingsu. We’re not just talking about any Bingsu here, we’re talking about the BonChon Bingsu, which lets us get a taste of Korea right here in the Philippines. The BonChon Bingsu is a delicious blend of authentic Korean flavors, made with ultra-fine,
powder-like, and milky ice that definitely stands out from other iced desserts like halo-halo. It is prepared with delicious toppings and premium Milky Kreme soft serve. It’s an exciting experience because it’s like eating an “all-in- one” dessert: it has premium toppings, soft serve, milky ice, fruits, and nuts!

The first is the Chocolate Brownie perfect for the biggest chocolate-lovers out there. The Bonchon Bingsu is overloaded with brownie crumbs and brownie bits that makes each bite as luscious and delectable as can be! If that isn’t enough, it is then drizzled with thick, decadent chocolate syrup. It sounds too sweet, but the milky ice balances the flavor for a yummy treat. After all, who can say no to this much chocolate?

The Strawberry Cheesecake is perfect for cheesecake lovers as it turns the classic dessert into an icy feast. The combination of succulent strawberries gives a tart contrast to the rich, creamy cheesecake bits and the end result is a sweet symphony of flavors! To top it off, the BonChon Bingsu is drizzled with vanilla syrup and sprinkled with glazed peanuts, perfect for those looking to upgrade a well-loved dessert. Think cheesecake is boring? Not when there’s this much!

The Matcha Vanilla is a great introduction to those who haven’t tried matcha yet. You are greeted by a delightful sprinkling of full-bodied matcha powder which immediately gives a light and relaxing mood. Mongo beans compliment this feeling by giving you a unique touch of earthy notes, and a delightful helping of white chocolate cereal drives the experience with a mild sweetness that doesn’t overpower the other ingredients. This may be a new flavor to many, but it’s a new flavor to discover and love. Who knows, it might just be your new favorite!

We may be in the Philippines, but you can already get a taste of Korea with this shaved-ice dessert! It’s only P89 ala carte and great to share with a friend, so come to BonChon and get deliciously #Bingsufied together!


We’re giving 10 people the chance to get #Bingsufied with a FREE Bingsu! Tell us what makes you most excited about trying or eating BonChon’s Bingsu, just comment it on this Facebook post, and don’t forget the hashtags #Bingsufied and #BonChon!

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