We Can’t Believe the Net Worth of Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook is THIS Much

If you ask an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player what exactly they do in the game, they’ll tell you only three things: 1) designing their islands; 2) trading turnips; and 3) paying off their debts to Tom Nook.

Tom Nook, a tanuki character in the game, is pretty much the gamer’s landlord who lets you build and expand your house, buy land for villagers, build bridges and inclines, and terraform your island for a hefty sum that he expects you to pay in full eventually.

One can only imagine what Tom Nook’s net worth actually amounts to, but this website happened to make a pretty rough estimate—over USD 5 TRILLION (PHP 200 Trillion)!!!

This website calculated for the fictional tycoon’s net worth based on the equivalent rate of Bells to real currency, the total amount of in-game home upgrades, island prices, and the number of players globally. They took into consideration various sources including Reddit, Nintendo Life, and Private Island online.

“We calculated the rough value of bells against [British] pounds. We then found out the total cost of house upgrades in New Horizons, calculated this back into pounds. We then found an island of a similar size to that in New Horizons and found its value. This gave us the figure of Tom’s net worth. As you can visit other islands in the game, we took that to mean that every other player playing the game exists on their own island, with their own house—so [multiply] Tom Nook’s net worth by the total number of players on the game,” the website wrote.

The end total? US$5,770,052,748,058.73 (PHP 292,111,805,396,847.25)! (Yup, that’s a lot of numbers.)

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1 Bell = £0.0074 (based on Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing price being 29,980 bells, which is equivalent to the yen)
  • Total number of players: 3,031,784
  • Total price of house upgrades: £128,723,436,563.46 (or 5,696,000 bells x 3,031,784 for 17,269,041,664,000 bells)
  • Approximate size of island in New Horizons: 25 acres
  • Value of each island: £1,484,514 (or 199,281,901.62 bells)
  • Total value of all islands: £41,802,323,758.24 (or 604,179,680,790,772.00 bells)
  • Tom Nook’s net worth: £4,629,913,419,050.46 (or 17,269,041,664,000 bells + 604,179,680,790,772.00 bells = 621,448,722,454,772.00 bells, or $5,770,052,748,058.73)

All we can say is…WOW.

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