We asked you for the saddest texts you’ve received and here are the most heartbreaking responses

Some messages are harder to receive than others but these ones were totally heartbreaking. We asked you guys what the saddest texts you’ve ever received were and all we wanna do is hug you tight! Hope you’re doing okay, everyone!

Here are the saddest texts we’ve seen:

saddest texts 2

Irene Montilla, 16 y.o., student

saddest texts 3

Rubert Rojas, 29 y.o., part-time English teacher

saddest texts 4

Tas wala na, di na bumalik. – Claire Tordillos, 20 y.o., student

saddest texts 5

Chicky Francisco

saddest texts 6

Joyfe Balbuena, 28 y.o., admin officer in Lawyers Beyond Borders Philippines

saddest texts 7

Alex Tigno, 31 y.o., Radiologic Technologist

saddest texts 8

Michael Cruz, 35 y.o., firefighter

saddest texts 9

Razel Austria, 26 y.o., client support specialist

saddest texts 10

Taena bagong gising ako neto men. – Arjoe Grageda, 20 y.o., student

saddest texts 11

JM Geronimo, 22 y.o., AI Trainer

saddest texts 12

Sofia Divina, 23 y.o., Pharmacy Assistant

saddest texts 13

Katherin Cao 27 y.o., HR Professional

saddest texts 14

Gerald Ching, 30 y.o., graphic artist

saddest texts 15

Marc Gregory Olanio, 27 y.o., architect

saddest texts 16

Iyen Magallanes 34 y.o., Marketing Specialist

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