We Asked What Netizens Would Do If They Had P1 Million, Here’s What They Answered

One of the most enduring traits of Filipinos is being optimistic. We’re always hoping for the better, wishing that our circumstances and the current situation would improve. But what would happen if it really did? Specifically speaking, what would we do if we had one million pesos? We asked our readers what they would spend on if they had that much money and here’s what we found:

1. The one who knew her priorities

Treat Yo Self

“I would invest about 80% first. Put 10% in my savings account. I’d spend the remaining 10% on high-end makeup, a day at the spa, and a staycation somewhere nice,” – Jesh Orquina

2. When you want to make more millions

Kim Kardashian wink

“Buy 1 million pesos worth of lottery tickets so I have a high chance of winning,” – Christian Haw

3. The future philanthropist

Leonardo DiCaprio Great Gatsby

Part will be donated to charities, NGO’s, pertaining to poverty alleviation and women empowerment (scholarships sana). Part will be invested in green tech, startups, and local social enterprises,” – Raffy Perez

4. A girl can dream!

Eiffel Tower

“Buy the best health insurance for my family, invest in different companies and buy a house in Paris where I can see the Eiffel Tower every day while having breakfast,” Jeanne Dizon

5. When you travel and help at the same time

Reese Witherspoon Wild

“I will visit the 81 provinces of the Philippines and donate basic needs to the remote schools of each province. Nakatulong ka na, nakapag-travel ka pa,” – Kets Queso

6. Some things never change

The Devil Wears Prada

“Ten years ago, I would’ve been like, “Travel! Bags! Shoes!” Now I’m more like, “Downpayment on a house! Investment! Shoes!” – Emerald Relampagos Ridao

7. Life is all about simple joys


Babayaran ko lahat ng bayarin ni mama, tapos kung may matira man, ibibigay ko sa kanya. Para naman mabili niya yung mga bagay na gusto niya pero hindi magawa noon dahil sa inuna niya kaming apat na anak niya. Pero kukuha ako ng maliit na amount para sa sarili ko… pambili ng 2-pc Chicken Joy with extra rice,” – Audrey Gonzalez

(I’ll give it to my mom for all her expenses and the things she wanted to buy but couldn’t because she had to prioritize her four kids. But I’ll get a little bit for myself… to buy 2-pc Chicken Joy with extra rice)

8. The big daddy

Nemo Marlin

Kung may 1 million ako, babayaran ko na tuition ng anak ko hanggang college. Kung may sumobra, time deposit para dun niya kukuhanin budget niya like pambaon sa school and mga extrang bayarin. Kasi diba halos lahat naman ng magulang ang goal is mapagtapos ang anak nila?” – Kurt Nico Raymundo

(“If I had 1 million, I’ll pay for my child’s tuition until college. If there’s extra, I’ll put up a time deposit so that’s where we can get money for our child’s food and other expenses. Don’t most parents wish that their children could finish school?”)

9. This one’s for her mom

Gilmore Girls

If I have a million pesos, I will have our house renovated. I lost my mom last year which we did not expect, and renovating our house is something that I always told her I will do when she was still alive. I will still do it though she is gone because I know she will be able to see it and it will make her happy,” – Tatum Jereza

10. Best husband ever!

The Addams Family

“I’ll just probably surprise my wife to a trip to Barcelona, her dream destination. We’ll spend a week there and then I’ll put the rest to her favorite charities, PAWS and Kythe,” – Angelo John Malabana


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