WBR Cafe: Sophistication Redefined in Manila Without the High Price

WBR Cafe: Sophistication Redefined in Manila Without the High Price


Catching up with longtime buddies and getting to know new friends are best done over great food and, most of all, a sophisticated ambiance. Well, WBR Cafe located in the Wil Tower Mall in Eugenio Lopez Drive in Quezon City really sets the bar high for the word “sophisticated”.

Upon entering Wil Tower, we were greeted by an impressive 3-story, blue-lit, steel chandelier made by Cebu-born interior designer Kenneth Cobonpue. The 6-M worth chandelier easily commands poise and composure from its guests. At the same time, however, it welcomes us and suggests no expectations but time well-spent.

WBR Cafe

A 360-degree view of the ground floor of Wil Tower Mall where W Bar & Restaurant is located.

WBR Cafe & Restaurant sits in the middle of the Wil Tower Mall surrounded and adorned by statement pieces— glass-walled elevators, white-light-lined balconies of each floor level, customized furniture that begs to have feature articles of their own, a live acoustic 4-piece band and an LED wall showing a panoramic view of waterfalls and mountains (amongst other things).

The staff and their guests easily smiled as they mingled. It seems like everybody was having a great day. The atmosphere was light, calm and far from demanding. It was perfect!


Straight To The Main Course!


It was a dinner for five that night with friends – old and new.

We were faced with the daunting task to pick from an international menu from Filipino to Norwegian food created by Chef & Restaurateur Florabel Co-Yatco. What made choosing dishes more difficult, though, was the affordable prices that didn’t demand deep pockets. On average, plates good for 2-3 people only cost around Php350!

The staff ended up choosing for us instead.

They picked Monaco Pizza, Prawns & Blue Cheese Pasta and Beef Salpicao. In the end, I realized these menu items best highlighted the experience that only this upscale restaurant could give: flavor that goes beyond the bucks you spend.

WBR Cafe

Monaco Pizza

The Monaco Pizza is a 10-inch thin crust pizza that dances in your palate with mozzarella cheese, black olives, capers and shrimp. The  taste of fresh olives make the best impression. I couldn’t complain about that; I love olives! Surprisingly, this is only Php350 – cheaper than most fine dining pizza pies in the metro.

WBR Cafe

Beef Salpicao

Their Beef Salpicao involves beef tenderloin cooked medium well in olive oil, soy sauce, garlic and mushrooms. There was no struggle in eating the beef (don’t you hate it when that happens?). I didn’t have to ask if the dish was Filipino, either, because the salty flavor alone distinctively told us so. Their serving of Beef Salpicao best suits for 2-3 people, but it managed the five of us. One platter costs Php325.

WBR Cafe

Prawns and Blue Cheese Pasta

Then, there’s the group favorite: Prawns & Blue Cheese Pasta. This dish is a conversation stopper. We were talking about food in the presence of food, but when we started on the Shrimp & Blue Cheese Pasta, a delightful quietness fell. Three of us are die-hard cheese fans, and we just looked at each other focusing on the party in our mouth, while repeating “Cheese! Cheese!”. The shrimp sauteed in white wine didn’t let the blue cheese take all the credit, either. Overall, it was a memorable balance of main ingredients. Priced at Php345 per platter, this dish is best enjoyed by 2-3 people.

When we think of sophisticated fine dining, we usually think of an overtime-pay-paid bill because above paying for the exquisite yet small but well-prepared helpings of food, you also pay for the delicate ambiance.

However, this time around, with a bill of only Php1045, this high-end restaurant seemed to be the one thanking us for sharing and creating memories with them!

WBR Cafe

Our meal for the night costs Php 1045 only for a group of five. Consider, that this is fine dining ladies and gentlemen! If this is a little expensive for you still, there’s a Groupon voucher that gives you this dining experience at half the cost!

If you think that’s still heavy on the pocket, Groupon Philippines has your back with a coupon up to 50% off. It’s available for only a limited time, though, so better grab the opportunity for a very, very affordable fine dining experience while it’s waving at you.

Eager to make this place feel like home, you can also order your favorite dishes at WBR Cafe even if they’re not on the menu. The kitchen of internationally trained chefs and cooks are always more than willing to take on a challenge! Also, the restaurant is open for events like birthdays and wedding receptions.


Finishing With Dessert and Cocktails


In its menu of six desserts, with Dulce de Leche as their recommendation, we chose Warm Decadence Chocolate A la Mode. Maybe, we should’ve gone with their recommendation. However, it might just be me being into chocolate-y chocolate and being loyal to certain chocolatiers. So, I am not at all surprised if somebody who prefers food that isn’t too sweet raves about this. Its chocolate is light, melts in your mouth and is not too sweet.

WBR Cafe

Warm Chocolate Decadence a la Mode

We matched our dessert with one of Wil’s Specialty Cocktails, Ferrari, a mixture of lemonade and rum.

Wil’s Specialty Cocktails are all custom concocted by its manager, Alfonso Mataban, whose extensive background in the hotel industry puts these cocktails a notch above the usual bar cocktails.

There is a conscious and well-thought-of blend of fruit and alcohol while served in tall glasses, a deviation from the usual wide brimmed cocktail glasses. Mr. Alfonso shares that all of the specialty cocktails are named after cars because the owner of WBR Cafe and Wil Tower Mall, William Bautista Revilliame (yes, the Willy Revilliame), is an avid sports car collector.

WBR Cafe

Ferrari Wil Specialty Cocktail


WBR Cafe

With Business Development Officer of Groupon, Yang Pulongbarit (left) and W Bar & Restaurant Manager, Alfonso Mataban (right).


Sophistication at WBR Cafe & Restaurant is not just defined by an ambiance that entails a hefty price, but also by the purpose of having an exquisite space for people to come together and have hearty conversations over topnotch food served at international standards.

So, even after our appetites were satisfied and our cravings were indulged, the night lasted as we sat very alive with energy for multitudes of kwento afterwards. At 10:30 PM, the lights of the Wil Tower Mall dimmed, though, and sadly, it was time to leave. 

The missed attempts to end the conversation are indeed signs that time was well spent at WBR Cafe.


Dining experience courtesy of Groupon Philippines.

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W Bar & Restaurant (WBR Cafe)

Ground Floor Wil Tower Mall, 34 Eugenio Lopez Drive, Quezon City

(02) 922 7777




WBR Cafe: Sophistication Redefined in Manila Without the High Price