Waze Says The Philippines Is Officially The Worst Place For Drivers

If you live in megapolises such as Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao, chances are, you spend majority of your time stuck in traffic. Although we may have had an inkling of this, Waze finally said it: the Philippines is officially the worst place for drivers in the world.

metro manila traffic

The popular community-based traffic and navigation app, used by 90 million motorists all over the world, recently released its Driver Satisfaction Index, and no surprises there, the Philippines was ranked at the bottom out of 39 surveyed countries.

Waze’s Driver Satisfaction Index measures the following factors, ranked using a scale of 10 (satisfying) to 1 (unhappy):

  1. Traffic: density and severity of traffic
  2. Quality: road quality and infrastructure
  3. Road Safety: density of reported accidents, road hazards, and weather
  4. Driver Services: access to gas stations and easy parking
  5. Socioeconomic: access to cars and impact of gas prices
  6. Wazeyness: happiness and helpfulness of the Waze Community

The Philippines earned the lowest score of 3.09, falling behind Dominican Republic (3.35) and El Salvador (3.56).

Meanwhile, the best country to drive in was Netherlands, with a score of 7.9. Following behind it are France (7.85) and the United States (7.55).

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