Wave 2017: The Maskom Music and Arts Festival

Wave 2017 official event poster

This March 4, a new Wave is coming to the Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros. Wave 2017: The Maskom Music and Arts Festival celebrates its third year as Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila’s (PLM) fifth batch of public relations majors aims to follow the success of the two previous years.

For the past two years, PLM mass communication students have been crafting campaigns that have help

change perceptions about communication majors and inspired a movement of boldness. In its first year,

Wave 2015 established what it meant to be a mass communication student with #ThisIsWhoIAm,

breaking all the stereotypes along with it. Then Wave 2016 came along with #BeyondTheCurrent that

encouraged students to go beyond their limits and chase after their dreams.

Now Wave 2017 calls for communication majors to #StandOut and proudly wear the colors that make them unique. The campaign pushes students to celebrate their individuality and to stop blending in by jumping head first into the things they love. The campaign also aims to show that each and every person is creative and that in this diverse society each person has the right to stand out.

Wave is one of the most anticipated mass communication events and has received an Award of Excellence from the Philippine Quill Awards 2016. Co-presented by Payless Xtra Big, Hunt’s Chili Beef & Beans, Griffin’s and Globe Telecom, Wave is sure to deliver the best for another exciting event that will mark the end of the school year.

The festival will be a platform for PLM communication majors to freely express themselves through their

artistry and creativity in different mediums. A stand-up comedy contest will be featured as well as a

screening of students’ original films during the open-air cinema. All these will come together in a vintage

carnival-themed package.

Wave is the premiere multi-arts festival for mass communication students with a passion for art and

music. To know more about the event, follow the hashtags #Wave2017 and #StandOut on social media

or visit:

Facebook: facebook.com/WAVE2017

Twitter: twitter.com/wave_2017

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