WATCH: Young Girl Gets a Wonderful Birthday Surprise!

For most people, birthdays mean celebrations with friends and loved ones. They may vary in scale, from a simple gathering to an extravagant party, but in one way or another, we mark the occasion with joy and happiness. But that’s not the case for everyone. Some people don’t celebrate birthdays. In fact, some have never celebrated their birthdays ever.

Take the case of Kassie Garalde, an eight year old girl who has never celebrated a birthday. According to her mother Delvina, even if she wants to give her daughter a party, they can’t afford it.

For her eighth birthday, Selecta surprised her on her special day with a school-wide birthday party, complete with tubs of Birthday 3-in-1 + 1 ice cream, a special combination of Choco, Mango, Ube Leche Flan, and Buco Salad ice cream. Of course, a Birthday 3-in-1+1 party wouldn’t be complete without Vhong Navarro, who did the iconic dance!

Selecta believes that every birthday, no matter how big or small the celebration, should be happy. With Birthday 3-in-1 + 1, kayang kaya!