WATCH: You Can Soon Own This Optimus Prime That Can Transform by Itself!

Transformers fans, here’s one toy you’ll definitely want to have displayed on your shelves! Hasbro just revealed a new Optimus Prime Robot that doesn’t only look amazing but can also transform completely on its own.

optimus prime hasbro robot truck

optimus prime hasbro robot

The Optimus Prime Robot stands at 19″ tall and has over 80 sound effects all voiced by Peter Cullen, who is the original voice actor of the Autobot leader in the 1980s Transformers animated series as well as other incarnations of the character.

The toy will be able to transform from a truck to a robot through the mobile app or, more impressively, by voice command thanks to the built-in microphones. Optimus Prime will be able to respond to 25 different pre-programmed voice commands and do various things like walk, talk, punch, and strike a pose. You can even create your own movements!

If you’re wondering just how it’s able to do all that and more, it’s all thanks to 11 years of research and development and over 5,000 individual components that include 60 microchips that control 27 small motors.

Obviously, this means that the Optimus Prime Robot isn’t going to come at a cheap price. Hasbro opened pre-orders for this collector’s item for US$699.99 and will be released this coming October. Unfortunately, it’s all sold out right now. Only time will tell if they will release another set of these Auto-Converting Programmable Robots to mega Transformers fans around the world.

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