WATCH: Virtual Reality Reunites A Mom With Her Dead 7-Year-Old Daughter

TV program MBC Documentary Special, produced by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, recently released an episode that reunites a grieving mother with her dead daughter in virtual reality.

The episode entitled “I Met You” features Jang Ji-sung, a mother of four. She lost her daughter, Nayeon, to leukemia in 2016 and continues to hold her close to her heart.

Jang is emotional all throughout the episode, breaking down in tears when she first sees her daughter. The virtual likeness of her daughter speaks first, asking “mum, where have you been? I’ve missed you a lot. Have you missed me?”

Jang immediately reaches out to her, stroking her hair. “I have missed you Nayeon,” she replies.

(“Black Mirror,” ethics, and the gray area)

Watching from the sidelines is Jang’s family. Her husband and other children are just as emotional while watching the interaction.

The episode switches from the green screen to the virtual reality of Jang. Most of the scene takes place in a park where Jang and Nayeon are able to celebrate a birthday together. Jang makes use of a virtual reality headset and touch-sensitive gloves to complete the experience.

In just a couple of weeks, the video has garnered over 14 million views. Its popularity has sparked online debates on the ethics of the documentary and its implications of voyeurism and exploitation. There has also been discussion regarding the psychological repercussions of using technology in this way.

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