WATCH: Vincent, the Tim Burton Short Film from 1982 You May or May Not Have Seen


Before there was Jack Skellington, Edward Scissorhands, and Beetlejuice, there was… Vincent.

He wasn’t as ambitious as Skellington, or unusual as Scissorhands, or zany like Beetlejuice, but Vincent had a touch of darkness in him that was prevalent in Tim Burton’s works.

Vincent is a 1982 stop motion animation short film written, designed, and directed by Burton, and is about a young boy who pretends to be like the actor Vincent Price (Burton’s idol). He is obsessed with the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and does experiments on his dog to turn him into a zombie.

The film, which clocks in at only six minutes, is also voiced by Price. The actor, who would later star in the director’s film Edward Scissorhands, loved the project so much that he even said that it’s better than a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Watch the entire short film below:

It was the success of Vincent that would encourage Disney to produce the hit The Nightmare Before Christmas.

To date, there is no official release of the short film, but it is available as a bonus on the 2008 Special Edition and Collector’s Edition DVDs of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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