WATCH: This Video Will Make You Want to Hug Your Grandparents

When In Manila, let’s face it: we’re a family-oriented bunch. We love our family members like crazy, we take pride in our family reunions, and we would basically do anything for them just to keep them safe, loved, and happy.

A lot of us can relate to the concept of having family members who work hard, whether it’s going abroad as an OFW, or spending our savings to put up a business just to be able to provide for our loved ones. This heartwarming video will definitely resonate with anyone who loves their family very much and would sacrifice anything for their happiness. Prepare to go “Awwww”, shed a few tears and hug your grandparents with this video that just tugs at the heartstrings!

After her lola lost her business many years ago, this granddaughter worked hard just to make her lola’s dream come true and put a smile on her face. What the granddaughter did for her lola will definitely touch your heart!

Watch the video below for the family feels:

Were you able to relate to the video? What kind of sacrifices would you make to give your loved ones a good life?