WATCH: Video Shows the Harsh Reality Balikbayans Face When Going Through NAIA

WATCH Video Shows the Harsh Reality OFWs Face When Going Through NAIA

Christmas is coming and you can see this by the number of balikbayans arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Many of them are coming home for the first time in many years to see the loved ones they left behind when they went abroad.

But what do our OFWs face when arriving here? Instead of peace of mind and joy, they experience delayed flights, corrupt airport employees and officials, inflated taxes, taxi bans, unbearable traffic, and the infamous laglag bala scam.

In this video shot by Brillante Mendoza, political activist Juana Change illustrates the inconveniences balikbayans face when landing in the Philippines. While presented in a funny and lighthearted way, the message hits close to home.

Change ends the video with a plea to change the country together, now.

Watch the funny but sad video below:

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