WATCH: Video Shows 100 Years Of Filipina Beauty!

Not too long ago, we posted about a video on 100 years of Korean beauty that went viral worldwide. And really, who else didn’t think that someone should do a video on 100 years of Filipina beauty? This video is long overdue, but at least it’s here!

100 Years of Filipina Beauty

The Philippines, after all, has such an interesting culture, brought about by its vibrant history and eclectic influences. Plus, can we just all agree that Pinays are really beautiful, no matter what decade?!

The video shows different standards of beauty in the Philippines throughout the years– from the indigenous women and pre-colonial beauty standards such as tribal tattoos, to the coming of the Americans and the Japanese that soon affected our perception of beauty. You might also recognize references to beautiful women with regard to the hot looks of the time, such as Imelda Marcos in the ’60s, Sharon Cuneta in the ’80s, and a young Anne Curtis in the 90’s!

Watch the video below:

What do you think of this representation of Filipina beauty? Which era was your favorite? Share in the comments below!