WATCH: Upcoming Film “The Write Moment” May Just Have Our New Favorite Love Team

In a world of hopeless romantics who genuinely believe in true love, and of films and shows that entertain this thought, unlikely love teams have become a bigger thing than we might’ve expected.

The latest love team that took the local film world by storm was the AlEmpoy love team made adorable by the unlikely chemistry between Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy.

AlEmpoy first made people believe in love through the box office indie hit Kita Kita. And now they’re set to star in an upcoming teleserye as well!

It seems that we’ve got another upcoming love team to look forward to in cinemas this year.

The Write Moment is an entry to this year’s QCinema International Film Festival, and it stars comedian and theater actor Jerald Napoles alongside actress Valeen Montenegro.

As unexpected as that love team may be, the trailer proves that this is a film to watch out for. Check it out below:

The Write Moment was written and directed by Dominic Lim. It follows the story of a heartbroken writer who tries to get back with an ex through a “hugot” script but fails and instead finds himself living in the scenes he wrote.

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The plot posted on the QCinema Facebook page reads: “He’s forced to follow everything verbatim—or else face being stuck in an endless loop of scenes repeating over, and over again.”

Intriguing, right?!

You can catch The Write Moment from October 19 to 28 during the QCinema International Film Festival.

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