WATCH: This UPB Org’s Video Ad Will Make You Want to Buy Their Siomai Rice

Last year, $ucc’s Siomai Rice MV was a big hit, particularly for students who love siomai rice. Practically speaking, siomai rice is a very student-friendly meal that is sure to make you full and happy each time you have it.

OBRA, the University of the Philippines Baguio’s Multimedia organization, was inspired by $ucc’s Siomai Rice song to create their advertisement for their food sale. Specifically speaking, OBRA was selling Siomai Rice and Shanghai Rice for Php25 per serving and their video made me want some, too!

Here is their video:

SIOMAI RICE and SHANGHAI RICE IS OUT!Kung nagtitipid ka para sa Valentine's Day, sagot ka na ng Obra! Makakatipid ka na, mabubusog ka pa!P25 lang!UP Baguio WoodsFebruary 12-14, 2019—–No copyright infringement intendedcredits to Siomai Rice song by $ucc

OBRA 发布于 2019年2月9日周六

What’s your favorite student-friendly meal?


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