WATCH: Up Dharma Down Cover’s Barbie Almabis’ Just a Smile

Barbie Almalbis‘ original versionĀ from 11 years ago was flutters and high school.

I asked my friends and we weighed in the cover released by Up Dharma Down. Compared to the classic acoustic full band version of Barbie, Up Dharma Down released a cover and coated it with their style of arrangement: synth, electro and electro indie. Looks like the video targetsĀ millennials who areĀ into gigs and concerts, too.

Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona star in the official music video as the first meeting between two strangers.

Check out the video for feel-good vibes:

And here’s a trip down memory lane:

Which version is better for you? Did you miss the old commercial?


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