WATCH: Uncle Roger Reacts to Rachael Ray’s Adobo

Uncle Roger Adobo Rachael Ray

Photo / @mrnigelng on YouTube

Rachael Ray shared a recipe for adobo and garlic rice on her namesake show and, well, Uncle Roger has a few thoughts.

Watch it below:

The Malaysian content creator began his video with, “Rachael Ray, the American Jamie Oliver. The Karen of cooking. She destroyed pho, she destroyed pad thai. Today let’s see if she destroys Filipino adobo.”

In the 10-minute clip, he criticized Ray’s use of olive oil and Mexican jalapeños, and her method of adding black pepper straight into the oil. He also critiqued Ray’s method of cooking garlic rice.

Uncle Roger, however, acknowledged her use of spring onions, vinegar, and brown sugar.

He ended his video by saying he will cook adobo and show how it is done.

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