WATCH: The Trailer of the ‘Hellboy’ Reboot is Out and It Looks GOOD!

I don’t remember much about the 2004 ‘Hellboy’ movie. That probably means I didn’t like it very much or I was simply too young or too busy with other things to appreciate it at the time. It looks like the ‘Hellboy’ reboot may just turn me into a full-on ‘Hellboy’ fangirl, though.

The trailer looks very promising with lots of action, blood, and gore (just the way I like it) and despite the news that it was pretty low-budget, it still looks like it’s gonna be filled with fun special effects. In case you haven’t seen it yet, you may watch the trailer here:


And hell yes, that’s our Resident Evil girl Milla Jovovich (I’ve missed her)! ‘Hellboy’ is set to show in cinemas this April 2019. Are you excited now, too?

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